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A True American Hero

Last week, we lost a war hero and a prime example of an American patriot. Bob Dole, a former senator, and World War II veteran passed away on December 5, 2021. His career touched the lives of all of those around him and the soldiers who served by his side. Dole began his military service in 1942, where he went on to serve in the light infantry group of the United States Army called the…

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History of Holiday Hues

One of the most anticipated holidays of the year is just around the corner. Christmas will soon be finding its way into people’s homes and hearts as December 25th approaches. Decorating the house is a common way to embrace the holiday. Green and red will arise as the colors of the season. They are found throughout homes and help people embrace the Christmas spirit. But why are green and red known as the primary Christmas…

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A Successful Kick-Off for Model UN

This past weekend, Eastern’s Model United Nations team attended GLIMUN: the Great Lakes Invitational Conference. The first conference of the year took place in Kalamazoo. The conference spanned over four days – from Wednesday evening to Saturday. During this time, delegates represented their assigned nations and committees, debating and coming to compromises with other delegations to reach resolutions. Topics of discussion ranged from climate change, infectious disease, and child marriage to the right of peaceful…

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Confidence is Key: JV Basketball 2021-2022

Numerous things go into having a successful season in any sport. Not only must you find chemistry with your teammates, you must also play with a chip on your shoulder and play to win, or what’s the point of playing at all? Eastern’s JV basketball team is learning all of these tools and more to take the talent they have and mold it into a well-oiled machine. It takes a lot of effort to do…

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Spotify Wrapped – An Early Present for Music Lovers

Spotify users can rejoice at last, with the annual release of Spotify Wrapped. If you have used Spotify at all throughout the year, the app will combine the total hours listed, top artists played, and much more. Every year since 2015, the app has been recording the stats of its patrons and listing the most popular songs of the year. Wrapped is slated to come out in early December, with many Spotify users excitedly awaiting…

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Monthly (Not So) Monger, Merry With Too Much Cranberry

Streets are illuminated by twinkling lights, trees stood and decorated, homes are filled with holiday spirit. Regardless of which holidays people are celebrating, most agree that winter is a cheerful time for everyone to enjoy. When brainstorming for the December board, a multitude of holiday-themed ideas came to mind. Driving past homes, street lamps, and buildings, whether it’s in a window, on a door, or hung on lights: wreaths are everywhere. The decorative green ring…

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Stuff You Should Know: The Dakota Fire Hole

The Dakota fire hole is an unusual and lesser-known style of campfire that is made via holes in the ground. The fire typically burns efficiently, is difficult to smother, and creates less smoke at the cost of being difficult to set up. This technique is mainly utilized however as it’s difficult to spot. Since light is contained and smoke is reduced the Dakota fire hole is taught to members of the U.S military to prevent…

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Dissecting The Meyer Briggs Test

Why do people like what they like? Why are some people drawn to the same interests? What gives each individual their own unique outlook and values on life? Since the beginning of human civilization, people have been searching for ways to categorize and define human behavior. In an attempt to define these complex characteristics of human existence, many theories have been developed and refined through analytical psychology. People are defined by their own unique experiences…

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A Break for the Brain

Recently, there have been numerous discussions among schools that both students and staff members need a break from the exhausting conditions brought about by the current pandemic. Schools all over the country, including Forest Hills Eastern, are experiencing a massive shortage of substitute teachers. Because of this, staff members are having to give up their preparation period in order to fill the substitute positions. Grand Rapids Public Schools (GRPS) has already declared two covid awareness…

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The Final Lap: Swim Season Strokes to a Close

All sports require time, dedication, and perseverance, something that the Forest Hills Northern Eastern women’s swim team knows well. From two-hour practices each day to relentless swim meets, members of the team must demonstrate discipline to show up and try their best every practice. Many people may argue that one of the most important aspects of a team sport is the community it creates between its members. The FHNE swim team is no stranger to…

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