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Boys Swim & Dive: Battle of the Hills

After weeks of preparation and twice-a-day practices, the Forest Hills Northern-Eastern boys swim team finally geared up for their first dual meet on January 18th. Swimming against Forest Hills Central, the boys prepared for their meet with vigor and excitement. “[Preparing] for the first meet, we went through winter break with a really intense practice schedule: twice a day, one and a half hours in the morning, two and a half hours in the afternoon.…

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Macarons: A Global Delicacy

Macarons, a French meringue-based confection introduced by Catherine de Medici’s Italian chef in the 16th century, are a classic dessert enjoyed by people all over the world. Macarons were ultimately made popular in the 19th century by two french bakers who claimed to have created the method of placing the filling between the two shells to form a sandwich-style cookie. Because of the macaron’s size, airiness, and delicate shell, they are only seventy to one…

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Sew Boring: The Grandma Hobby You Should Try

As a kid, roughhousing often led to large amounts of damaged clothes. My mother would save the day with a sewing kit: stitching up a tear in a pair of pants, or patching a hole in a beloved teddy bear. She learned the skill in home economics, a class no longer available in most high school curriculums.  Without the same exposure to sewing as in the past, people developed a negative view of sewing. The…

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Establishing a School of Excellence

Eastern High School, in 2004, became the newest school in the Forest Hills Public Schools district. The board decided that they wanted to have another high school to accommodate incoming students because of increasing enrollment. The other two high schools, Central and Northern, have been around for much longer. Central High, the oldest of the three, was established in 1958 – followed by Northern which was established in 1972. When Forest Hills Eastern was first…

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Putting the W in Hawks – A Recap of the Girls Varsity Game

It has been a thrilling season for Eastern’s girls’ varsity basketball team so far this winter, and with every game comes an opportunity. An opportunity for these dedicated young women to improve their teamwork, determination, strategy, and sportsmanship; skills that are essential for a successful season and even more essential for life. The team shares a mindset that is fueled by competition and ambition, making each player a force to be reckoned with. Those who…

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Russian-Ukrainian Border Crisis Escalating Tensions

While the West has seen more conflicts over the situation with COVID-19 and political disagreements internally; the East, especially in Europe, has been plagued with issues far greater than the ongoing pandemic. This is felt strongest in Ukraine: a large Eastern European country that was a former Soviet-bloc state. In recent times, it seems that the Russian Federation has been setting its sights back on attacking its former territory. The State of Ukraine, a large…

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Burning Steel: an Intro to Welding

Tables, chairs, skyscrapers, cars, ovens, and billboards. What do these all have in common? Welding. The smell of burning steel, stinging sparks flying in the air, the deafening roar of the electrode as it burns down to a nub. Welding is an art capitalized on by fabricators and construction workers, but what most people don’t know is that welding only refers to one process: heating a metal until it reaches its melting point which combines…

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Kanye West: The Greatest Figure of this Century

Throughout time, significant philosophers have come and gone in our world. Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, has allowed humanity to achieve its greatest potential. Recently, rumors have surfaced that Ye plans to arrange a meeting with Vladimir Putin, the current president of Russia. The former presidential candidate will also meet with Russian business tycoon Aras Agalarov to grow the Yeezy enterprise in the country. Although Yeezy’s personal and label reps have not released any…

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The “Classic” Excuse: Why Classical Music Isn’t Boring

Classical music, the works of long-dead composers, is boring. That is a view that many individuals have, of the opinion that the music is far too outdated to be enjoyed in this day and age. Classical music dates back to the mid-1700s, with famous composers like Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach. Their legacy lives on through the numerous elegant pieces they’ve composed. But listeners of newer generations find the music dull and hard to listen to.…

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Ada’s Newest Staple

As Ada continues to be rebuilt and revitalized, many new stores and restaurants have sprung up in its midst. Some have struggled to keep their doors open, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic, but many have become instant staples in the community, including Ada’s newest restaurant: Ada Garage Bar & Grill.  Renovated from an old house into a brand new restaurant, this hotspot is located conveniently on the corner of Ada Drive and Headley Street. Unlike…

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