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by Lindsey Dylenski


Hawk Herald Posts

College Cheating Scandal

The media has shared daily updates on the college cheating scandal, including celebrities and wealthy parents all over the United States. On March 12th, 50 individuals, including William Singer, coaches and administration, and parents, some famous parents such as Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli, Felicity Huffman, and other wealthy individuals. These people have been charged with criminal and federal offenses. The following parties are responsible for cheating and scamming their children into college, accepting and…

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Vote for FHPS’s Mr. Tim for Custodian of the Year!!

Mr. Persenaire, better known as “Mr. Tim,” has been selected as one of the ten finalists for the Cintas Custodian of the Year Award. He is a staff member at FHPS and works at Knapp Forest and Orchard View Elementary. He has been in the job for 37 years. The award is given to one person each year to recognize their incredible work, and the winner will be awarded $5,000 and the winner’s school will…

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Spring Break Spirit!

The Hawk Herald Staff members set out to find the best dressed at Eastern for Hawaiian Spirit Day! The Hawk Herald wishes staff, students, and family a happy and safe spring break!

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What is FHE Doing For Spring Break?

The Hawk Herald sent out a poll to students to determine spring break destinations! Even with the photoshopped cover image above readers can tell that everyone, even staff will be enjoying their break as well. We received a great variety of answers from FHE students, and here are some of the most popular spring break activities: Where is Eastern Going? Almost forty percent of students said they were staying at home for spring break where…

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The Many Clubs of FHE

FHE is showcasing their many different clubs and organizations to the incoming freshmen and high school students. The variety of extracurricular activities allow for FHE students to be well-rounded, to better know their classmates, and to build their character. Each club is unique and offers different perspectives. Baking Club Baking club is a fun and interactive club where people can go to have a fun time. The Baking Club meets once a month and bake…

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Bracket Madness

The Hawk Herald felt spirited by the madness of March, so we created our bracket to predict the winner of March Madness! Everyone has different strategies for how they choose the ultimate winner: mascots, uniforms, and some actually use statistics when completing a bracket! We compared our bracket to a varsity basketball all-star, Solomon White, who started for FHE this year, and just happens to have a brother who recently graduated from the University of…

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Who has the Best Smile at FHE?

Seeing someone’s smile can totally change the course of the day for another person. Smiling is a simple action that we can consciously make day-to-day. It can often go unnoticed, but at the same time it can affect people so deeply. It can be the most identifiable and best features of a person’s qualities. We checked in with FHE students to ask who they thought had the most contagious, inspiring, and best smile at school.…

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New “Jeep’s Only” Parking Lot Plans Approved

On Thursday, March 14th, news broke of long-awaited, massive change to Eastern’s parking lot. For years, students have been pushing for this change to be made. Finally, their dream is coming true. Construction will begin in June for a separate parking lot for Jeeps only. Students have been advocating, rioting, and even starting petitions in order to receive approval for this new lot. The least used of Eastern’s nine outdoor sports fields, the middle school…

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The Trend of Being Fake

Social media has grown to be a part of the backbone of our society; a day-to-day necessity for millennials and older generations alike. This platform has grown in recent years and rooted itself in our daily lives. This outlet has become a crucial source for validation, information, and sharing one’s life. A soap-box for information; it promotes individualism, yet propagates negative social standards. This leads to a vicious cycle of constant disappointment. Being one’s self…

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Is Chuck-E-Cheese Really Reusing their Pizza? The Hawk Herald Investigates.

Last month, a shocking conspiracy was brought to light by a well-known Youtuber Shane Dawson. Dawson uploaded a second video, to a series he created investigating conspiracy theories. Some theories he included voice manipulation software, online dating scares, and the theory that the popular birthday party place for kids, Chuck-E-Cheese is possibly reusing their pizza. The pizza conspiracy took the social media world by storm. Former employees have reached out to deny or confirm. Other…

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