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Stepping Into Senior Year

In a post-Covid world, it seems as though time has slowed down. With no strict deadlines, it almost feels like this year has gone by without much care for school in general. Hopefully, next year we will return to some kind of normalcy in the classroom; something that at least resembles what high school was like. Being a junior myself, I am not prepared to be a senior this fall, and in many ways I…

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Within the past few weeks, a new trend has surfaced among FHE students. I recently started making friendship bracelets with “WWMVD” engraved on stones.  The bracelets signify a relationship to a cult of some form glorifying FHE science teacher Michael Visser. The letters are an acronym for “What Would Mr. Visser do?”  These bracelets were originally created and worn by myself ironically, but they soon became a trend amongst the FHE crew team. After I…

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How to Start an Essay

With AP Exams upon us, the focus of many Eastern students will be on their academics. Multiple AP tests feature writing sections that largely contribute to students’ total scores. For many—myself included—writing the bulk of an essay isn’t the biggest problem; what is, though, is actually getting started. In an effort to expedite our writing, it’s in our best interest to focus on how best to start writing. Thus, I’ve compiled some of Eastern’s teachers’…

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In Memoriam of Ming Ten

News struck this past week that the beloved restaurant, Ming Ten, permanently closed its doors. A fan favorite to the senior class of 2021, we share some favorite memories from our middle school hangout spot. “Taylor and I went there and had a wonderful deep talk over crab legs,” -Halle Mikula (‘21) “I found my love for crab legs at Ming Ten,” -Taylor Reynolds (‘21) “It was Freshmen year swirl: Jonathan Mouw, Caleb Peterson, Ben…

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The Hawk Herald Celebrates the Senior Staff

With an early departure on May 3rd, many seniors find themselves reflecting on their pasts while getting fired up about their futures. The Class of 2021 has remained persistent through trials and tribulations; now, it’s their time to translate their Hawk Pride to a much larger world. Join us in commemorating our senior staffs’ fondest memories as they look ahead to life after high school.   Julia Bileth plans on attending Central Michigan University next…

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It’s Summertime in the FHE Theater!

Even a sharp incline of COVID-19 cases, a multitude of brushes with contact tracing, and the return to hybrid scheduling could not stop the Forest Hills Eastern Theater Program: after all, the show must go on! Clear masks, delayed auditions, performing in Eastern’s auditorium, and prerecorded background vocals were some of the many precautions enforced to keep corona exposure to a minimum as the theater department proceeded with the yearly musical. Despite these hurdles, the…

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“Stick” with Kindness

If you take a stroll around Eastern and look very closely, you may or may not see small stars and smiley faces littering surfaces throughout the school. They’ve made their way into every hallway and can even be spotted everywhere, from lunchroom walls to bathroom stalls. Two weeks ago, I began graffitiing the school with stickers in an effort to brighten up students’ days while giving them something to smile about during these stressful times. …

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Stuff You Should Know: Ponziani Basics

The Ponziani is one of the oldest chess openings, first described by Luis Ramirez Lucena in 1497. It is sometimes also called the Staunton opening as Howard Staunton—the best chess player from 1843 to 1851—was a strong advocate for it. While still iconic, nowadays the opening is not considered to be quite as good as the Ruy Lopez or the Italian game.  Opening The Ponziani opening starts with 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.c3. C3 is…

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FHE Administration Decides to Return to Hybrid and Go Forward with Spring Break: Admits it was to Save Officer Green’s Sanity

In a shocking turn of events, Forest Hills Eastern’s administration admits that the school has returned to hybrid and permitted a spring break solely to save Officer Green’s sanity. At the beginning of the school season, Officer Green was tasked with directing traffic at the single intersection in the school parking lot. Because many parents no longer allow their children to take the bus due to the pandemic, more families have chosen to drive to…

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Guide to a Crystal Starter Pack

With the rise of spirituality on social media sites such as TikTok, many teens are taking a new interest in activities like tarot cards, meditation, astrology charts, and the powers of crystals. Many, like myself, want to explore the healing powers that certain minerals are said to hold. But where should one start? Which crystals and stones are right for each individual? In this article, we will look through some crystals that all beginner spiritualists…