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by Lindsey Soet

Hawk Herald Posts

A Note from the Staff

The end of the school year is full of excitement for summer and free time to enjoy.  While most journalistic reporting does not take a hiatus, the Hawk Herald will be taking a break from publishing until late August. This year, the Hawk Herald expanded its sports coverage and introduced the wildly successful Eastern Eats column. Next year we hope to further expand both of these columns as well as utilize the photo gallery section…

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Sprinting to States

Last Saturday marked the end of the regular rowing season at the Michigan State Championship regatta at Kensington Metropark in Milford, Michigan. The team had high hopes as they had a successful regatta last weekend at the Midwest Championship regatta. Forest Hills Eastern had entries in the men and women’s varsity pair, the men’s varsity single, the women’s varsity quad, the men and women’s junior four, and the men and women’s junior eight.  The intense…

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Let’s Talk About the Men at the Met

The biggest tragedy of the 2022 Met Gala was the rather boring outfits worn by the men that attended fashion’s biggest night. It has become normalized for women to wear heavy, ornate dresses and their male companions to wear a plain black suit. However, many men decided to switch it up this year and wear something other than the dreaded black garment. For some, this was a successful break from the norm, but for others,…

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Top Five Best Activities in Michigan to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

The final weeks of school have left students impatient. The warm weather taunts us as we constantly itch for summer to approach and, little by little, it has. Yet the days drag on, and the minutes linger, and it feels as though we are far from close to June 8. Many wish to sleep in, spend time outside, or simply relax after a long school year. But what is summer without having fun? Michigan is…

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Breakdancing Brilliance

Eastern is well known for its talented students, ranging from incredibly high-achieving athletes to remarkably intelligent learners. However, one student, uniquely known for both his talents in breakdancing and trick shots, seems to be striding ahead as one of the most talented young people ever. Brennan Lee (‘25) has been involved with breakdancing for almost five years and his unbelievable talents only start there. He started classes back in 2017, yet due to the pandemic,…

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Racing to Nationals

On May 14 -15, 2022, the FHE Rowing team competed at the Midwest Scholastic Rowing Championship Regatta in Milford, Michigan. Last weekend marked Forest Hills Eastern’s first appearance at this particular regatta since 2016 with entries in each of the following events:  the women’s varsity pair, the women’s junior double, the women’s varsity single, the women’s junior eight, the women’s novice four, the women’s junior four, the men’s junior double, the men’s junior eight, the…

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New White House Press Secretary

On May 5th, President Biden announced the new Press Secretary: Karine Jean-Pierre. She is the first black woman and the first open LGBTQ person to assume the position. She is set to begin her new role on May 13 this year. The current Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, is leaving to pursue a role at MSNBC where she will host her own show on Peacock for the news service. Jean-Pierre already has experience working in the…

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A Final Farewell

After twelve long years of schooling, from kindergarten to now, the Forest Hills Eastern class of 2022 has grown and changed tremendously. In the school years since kindergarten, we have seen each other grow and mature, we have fought and we have forgiven, and we have learned and we have changed. For some of us, we have known each other since kindergarten, when we were a measly five years old, and for others, like myself,…

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Batter Up: FHE Softball Season Off to a Strong Start

A swirl of sand and chalk shoots into the air as the metal bat connects with the vibrant yellow ball. Smack. After an imperceivable pause to admire the ball’s trajectory, she’s off –  rocketing down the runway to first base. On the other side of the sand, this connection sends the teammate on third heading home. This is the Eastern softball team. Over a month into their season, the softball players have been dominating the…

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The Battle for Donbas

The Russo-Ukrainian War has entered a new phase recently thanks to the failure of the Russian forces to meet military objectives, including the failed capture of Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine. With the deadline to capture the capital and overwhelm the surprisingly resistant Ukrainians overdue, the Russian forces have withdrawn from Kyiv. Now the Russian forces are clawing their way towards a different type of victory in a smaller form. The Eastern region of…

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