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by Bethany Narducci


by Reese Bower

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The Return of Mini Pumpkins

October ushers in spooky movies, ghastly ghouls, and candy corn by the barrel. Candy corn is known for being one of the most controversial candies of all time, with its white, yellow, and orange layers inciting a visceral feeling within every consumer. But what about its overlooked younger brother: the candy pumpkin? Produced by the same company, Brach’s, candy corn and candy pumpkins have similar tastes (depending on who is being asked) and are made…

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A Homecoming Victory: FHE Defeats Thornapple-Kellogg

After a tough loss against Grand Rapids Catholic Central, the Hawks were eager to impress at FHE’s annual homecoming game against Thornapple Kellogg last Friday. While most spectators were distracted by the various homecoming activities occurring, FHE defeated TK 45-23. The Hawks started off strong with Drew Patten (‘24) scoring the first touchdown of the game with 8:13 left in the first quarter. Followed by a completed kick from Clune Van Andel (‘23), the score…

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Carl Azuz Leaves CNN 10

Carl Azuz is an American journalist best known for hosting CNN 10. He is currently 33, so he still has a big career ahead of him. He was a part of nearly all high school history classes. He made history fun for all ages by using puns to inform his young audience about current events. Fans were heartbroken to hear that the beloved host Carl Azuz would no longer be working for CNN. The shocking…

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Turning Green

Green is in folks. Consumers want Earth-friendly products and brands that attempt to curb their impact on the Earth. To appeal to this new generation of buyers, companies have increasingly emphasized their environmental policies, highlighting recycled materials and eco-friendly products. However, are brands going green, or are they merely presenting a green image to the public? Greenwashing is a marketing tactic used by businesses to capitalize on the growing demand for environmentally-friendly products. Through vague…

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People Connected by Media

Phone calls? Text messages? Images? Videos? Facetime? The 21st century marked the beginning of the “Digital Age,” where technology has developed to (hopefully) create better usage in people’s everyday lives. Ways of reaching out to friends and relatives have been streamlined as numerous apps have been developed specifically for communication. Depending on one’s personal device, there is a favorite app to connect people today to the world beyond FHE.  School-wise, the types of media apps…

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Homecoming Eats

With the homecoming dance taking place this weekend, some people are still struggling to pick a restaurant for dinner before the dance. Whether you’re indecisive, a procrastinator, or just honestly don’t know where to eat, this article will surely give you some great ideas and maybe make you hungry. And if you’ve already booked reservations, then keep these restaurants in mind for Swirl.  For those who love a good Italian restaurant, you’re in luck. Vitales…

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Seasonal Sipping

The fall season brims with vibrant orange leaves, the beating sound of rain, and the quintessential cozy coffee. While there are many delectable coffee shops in the area, it’s hard to beat the classic beverages made by Starbucks. I set off alongside Eden Hostetter (‘25) and Anna Alt (‘24) to determine what the best seasonal drinks are at Starbucks. The morning was fresh and dewy as Eden, Anna, and I rolled up to the D&W…

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Elizabeth 2.0

News spreads like wildfire, whether a rumor or a great tragedy. On September 8th, 2022, tragedy struck while life supposedly began. The beloved Queen Elizabeth II’s death sparked a time of mourning across the globe. Some people see death as a time to reflect; others sought new ways to find the queen.  As the Queen ruled for over 7 decades, making her the longest reigning monarch in British history she amassed numerous accomplishments throughout her…

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Top Red-Carpet Looks of The Emmys

No matter your favorite look at TV’s biggest night this year, there was probably another look that closely matched it, with few exceptions. It could have been Zendaya and Elle Fanning, Connie Briton and Molly Shannon, or Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert. There were clear patterns, but what were they? Here are some of the most distinct trends at the 2022 Emmys:  The dominant menswear trend was the white suit. Many famous men donned white…

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With or Without?

Why is watching tv with subtitles more standard for today’s teens? Originally, using subtitles was something for translations, for people with attention issues, or for those who are hard of hearing. People in the deaf community are able to read about what is happening within the movie since they can’t hear the audio, which makes watching TV more inviting for them. Individuals who don’t have issues with hearing wouldn’t even think of turning on the…

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