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Turkey Vulture

by Isabel Gil

People of FHE

by Tara Kloostra


by Anna Rapaport


Hawk Herald Posts

The Hawk Herald Giving Thanks (Pt. 2)

“I am thankful for senior year. Or rather, I am thankful for the perspective that senior year has imparted on me. It brings on so many “last firsts” –– last first day, last first show, last first dance. These were events that I always valued, but there’s something about its finality of it all this year that leads me to value them more. I am thankful as well for the sense of security senior year…

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Potential Gas Station Angers Ada Residents

On Monday evening, emotions ran high at a town hall meeting held in the visitor center at Roselle Park. The meeting saw a union of the Ada Community in a fiery, adamant front against the possible construction of a gas station by the J&H Family Stores and Oil Company on the corner of the already turbulent Knapp and Pettis intersection. The McCraes’, who have owned the iconic corner property since before Forest Hills Eastern’s construction,…

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The Hawk Herald Giving Thanks

As November passes, we often surround ourselves in giving thanks. The staff at the Hawk Herald pauses to give thanks, individually. “I am thankful for the privileged life that I am able to live. I can recognize that most people are not able to enjoy the simple things that I take for granted. Because of this, I try to give around the holiday season and volunteer throughout the year through miscellaneous service projects.” – Ben…

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Cast Announced for The Addams Family

Forest Hill’s Eastern’s The Addams Family will be hitting the stage this winter. A musical based on the characters of cartoonist Charles Addams, The Addams Family focuses on a quirky, gloomy family that takes joy in gloominess and excitement in death. The family has lived by their morbid traditions for centuries, and Morticia and Gomez Addams – the heads of the household – wish to continue this way. These traditions are threatened, however, when their…

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Eastern Students Deserve a Seven-Hour Day

Currently, at Forest Hills Eastern, students attend six periods throughout their school day. Each class lasts between fifty minutes to an hour with a thirty-minute lunch in the middle of the day. However, this schedule may not be the optimal choice. Students find it difficult to take elective courses and focus on their career path. Eastern High School should switch to a seven-hour day. Many underclassmen struggle to fit classes into their schedule. Along with…

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Vibe Check: Deja Brew Coffee Bar

Introducing: The Vibe Check Vagabonds. In a new series on the Hawk Herald, Anna Rapaport, Isabel Gil, Katie Stotts, and Tara Kloostra will be visiting different, unknown, and small businesses around Grand Rapids and Ada to check their vibes. Our first stop was a coffee shop off the Beltline called Deja Brew Coffee Bar.  As an avid coffee drinker, the name Deja Brew piqued my interest. I’m usually not a huge fan of puns, but…

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A Trip to Brody’s Be Cafe

Located in downtown Ada in a petite blue building is the new Brody’s Be Cafe. After opening a few months ago, there was a lot of buzz about the cafe in schools and on social media.  What made Brody’s so different was not what they served, but the cause they served. The cafe is a nonprofit small business run by Jenny Cole and was inspired by Rachel’s son, Brody, who was born with down syndrome.…

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Ramona Quimby

The Forest Hills Eastern Theater Department is performing Ramona Quimby, a play based on the bestselling book series by Beverly Cleary. In this play, Ramona Quimby, played by Amanda Solem (‘20), causes trouble while living with her older sister Beezus, played by Kilana Vosburg (‘21), and her parents, played by Stephanie Vandermyde (‘20) and Austin Sietsema (‘20). During the play, Ramona is faced with many struggles, such as her father losing his job, her mother…

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Student Athletes of FHE

Sophomore Tayler Sypien is preparing for her second year on the varsity lacrosse team. In every previous year, the team has been made up of lacrosse players from all three Forest Hills Schools. This year, however, Central is no longer a part of the team – changing the mascot from the Ranger Husky Hawks to the Bird Dogs. Tayler loves being a part of the team because of her teammates, coaches, and the team’s great…

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Rosalynn Bliss Re-Elected Mayor of Grand Rapids

Mayor Rosalynn Bliss was re-elected for a second-term as the Democrat mayor of the city of Grand Rapids. She ran a campaign against Daniel Schutte, a pastor and candidate for the 75th District of the Michigan House of Representatives in 2018. Bliss ran a campaign focused on the city’s infrastructure, economic development, and restoration of parks. Schutte ran a campaign on “proclaim[ing] the glory and the gospel of the Lord Jesus Chrst.” Schutte’s campaign also…

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