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Science Takes the Forefront of Policymaking in the Biden Administration

Among the many sweeping changes made in the early days of the Biden presidency, one has been a new and welcome addition to the presidential cabinet. The director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) has been officially elevated to a cabinet-level position. This change has been well-received among the scientific community, as it is seen as a shift in policymaking that will focus more heavily on facts and logic. Now the question…

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The Future of our Community: Your Local Candidates

The United States General Election is a week away, and over 25 candidates are battling for 8 offices. Students of Forest Hills Eastern: It is our duty as citizens to choose which of these 25 will represent us in our government. Men and women of various backgrounds, cultures, and political parties have stepped up to the plate to compete for your vote, and the burning question is, do you really know who you’re voting for?…

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Showing Up to The Polls: Your Vote Matters

In arguably one of the most important elections for the direction of our country, the bid for the U.S presidency (2016), why did over 40% of eligible voters chose to stay home from the polls? Compared to other countries such as Belgium with a 87.2% voter turnout rate, and Sweden with a 82.6% rate, the United States is far behind in voter turnout. In fact, it is not even in the top 25 countries despite…

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