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Tag: COVID-19

FHE Administration Decides to Return to Hybrid and Go Forward with Spring Break: Admits it was to Save Officer Green’s Sanity

In a shocking turn of events, Forest Hills Eastern’s administration admits that the school has returned to hybrid and permitted a spring break solely to save Officer Green’s sanity. At the beginning of the school season, Officer Green was tasked with directing traffic at the single intersection in the school parking lot. Because many parents no longer allow their children to take the bus due to the pandemic, more families have chosen to drive to…

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Science Takes the Forefront of Policymaking in the Biden Administration

Among the many sweeping changes made in the early days of the Biden presidency, one has been a new and welcome addition to the presidential cabinet. The director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) has been officially elevated to a cabinet-level position. This change has been well-received among the scientific community, as it is seen as a shift in policymaking that will focus more heavily on facts and logic. Now the question…

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