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Lindsey Soet

Lindsey Soet is a junior at Forest Hills Eastern. This is her third year on the Hawk Herald staff and her second year as Editor-in-Chief. Outside of school, Lindsey is on the varsity crew team, a member of the Kids’ Food Basket Club, and a co-president of the FHE Quiz Bowl team. She is also an avid photographer and spends most of her free time photographing various FHE sporting events. As of now, Lindsey plans to study Journalism and Sports Media at Michigan State University. “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” - Winston Churchill.

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Adam Dupree

Adam Dupree is a senior at Forest Hills Eastern. This is his first year writing for the Hawk Herald. He has a 7-year-old sister and a 20-year old sister who he spends time hanging out with. Adam plans to go on to study computer science in college.

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Alyssa Zawacki

Alyssa Zawacki is a senior at Forest Hills Eastern high school. She grew up right here in Grand Rapids and has gone to Forest Hills her whole life. She enjoys subjects like psychology and theater. This is her first year on the Hawk Herald staff and she is excited to try something new. Outside of school, Alyssa enjoys her job at Starbucks and listening to music (80s hits are often her go-tos). She also loves to travel with her family and visit new places. She is planning on college, but she is still undecided about what she wants to do.

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Ava Hoogterp

Ava Hoogterp is a first-year writer, a part-time student, a part-time babysitter, and a full-time partier. She is an inspirational sophomore at Eastern High. She grew up in Ada and has stayed there her whole life. Within school, Ava is an excellent contributor to the ski and tennis team. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her dogs and watching her fish. She also loves to shop at Goodwill and go on vacation. She is described as annoyingly intriguing, charismatic, and super bright, some are speechless when they meet her, but most of all they adore her.

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Avery Nault

Avery Nault is a freshman at FHE and is excited to be a part of the Hawk Herald this year! Avery is an avid writer, reader, and she enjoys activities such as running and competitive horse riding. She is very excited to be a journalist and try something new this semester! Avery is eager to step outside her comfort zone and try more of a journalistic style of writing. Her two careers of interest are the medical field and journalism or creative writing. Avery is eager to make a difference and there is no better way to do so than through words, so she is very excited to start reporting and grow as a writer!

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Bethany Narducci

Bethany Narducci is a first-year writer for the Hawk Herald and is a sophomore at Forest Hills Eastern. She’s a member of Student Council, DECA, Volunteer Club, and rows for the Eastern crew team. When she isn’t busy with school, you can find Bethany watching a children’s movie and eating Chipotle. She is also an avid fan of all Arizona sports teams, despite living in California for most of her life.

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Lewis Liu

Lewis Liu is a junior at Eastern High School. Outside of school, she likes to draw characters and landscapes, along with any ideas in mind. Reading ebooks is a daily habit for Lewis, whether at home or going someplace. She hopes to travel and visit fascinating attractions someday. This is her first year on the Hawk Herald staff, and she’s devoted to being a member of writing stories for Eastern.

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Reese Bower

Reese Bower is a junior at Forest Hills Eastern and a first-time journalism student. Within school, she enjoys playing tennis, participating in Model UN, and being a part of student council. History and English are her favorite subjects, but she likes to learn in general. Drawing, listening to music, and traveling are some of the things she does in her free time, as well as spending time with family and friends. Reese plans to go to college and is considering a career in the English field. She is so excited to be a part of the Hawk Herald staff this semester.

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