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Lindsey Soet

Lindsey Soet is a junior at Forest Hills Eastern. This is her third year on the Hawk Herald staff and her second year as Editor-in-Chief. Within school, Lindsey is a member of the National Honors Society, the Kids' Food Basket Club, vice president of the FHE QuizBowl team, and is on the varsity rowing team. Along with writing, Lindsey spends most of her free time taking photos at various FHE sporting events. After she graduates, Lindsey plans to study Journalism and Sports Media at Michigan State University. “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” - Winston Churchill.

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Adelee Kaiton

Adelee Kaiton is a first-year writer and a sophomore at Forest Hills Eastern. On an average Saturday morning, she finds her neighbor kids maliciously pressing their faces against her back window in pursuit of snacks (snacks which they most definitely cannot get at home). The same neighbor kids, in fact, that Ava Hoogterp (‘25) sent over during her babysitting session. Adelee has played indoor and beach volleyball year-round since she was eight years old. Adelee grew up in Los Angeles and her favorite memories were walking the Venice Board Walk and everyone in the movie theater staying in their seats until all the credits were finished. She enjoys reading Harry Potter to her brother when he’s actually listening and her favorite food is colorful goldfish.

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Adrian Kaiser

Adrian is a Senior at Eastern, a robotics team member, and a Mock trial participant. It is his first year in journalism, and he seeks to spark curiosity in an ever-changing world. For him, “nothing is as lasting as change”. According to Adrian,” the best moments are those when we rise above ourselves and conquer the world to the point where we become god-like”. He revealed that his inspiration came from a monument on a Dutch dam that stated: “Here the tides are ruled by the moon, the wind and us”(Translated from Dutch)

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Alivia Gonzalez

Alivia Gonzalez is a first year writer at the Hawk Herald. All of her life she has loved hearing and connecting with the people around her. She adores music, learning new things, and spontaneous adventures. She is excited to be writing for something bigger than herself where she can insight change and provoke challenging ideas. Next to writing Alivia spends her free time wandering into record shops and looking for more vinyl to add to her collection. Music is an imperative part of her life and inspired her need to use her voice.

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Annamaria Smith

Annamaria Smith is a senior at Forest Hills Eastern Highschool and attends Kent Career Technical Center’s Teacher Academy. This is Anna’s first year as a journalist and on the Hawk Herald staff. After she graduates from Forest Hills Eastern she plans on attending Grand Rapids Community College and then transferring to Grand Valley State University to pursue a degree in elementary education. She has played piano for 7 and a half years and loves to play when she can. She loves reading, writing poetry, composing music, and creating art in her spare time She has a cat named Maisy, who often gets into things she shouldn’t be.

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Ava Hoogterp

Ava Hoogterp is a first-year writer, a part-time student, a part-time babysitter, and a full-time partier. She is an inspirational sophomore at Eastern High. She grew up in Ada and has stayed there her whole life. Within school, Ava is an excellent contributor to the ski and tennis team. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her dogs and watching her fish. She also loves to shop at Goodwill and go on vacation. She is described as annoyingly intriguing, charismatic, and super bright, some are speechless when they meet her, but most of all they adore her.

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Avery Nault

Avery Nault is a freshman at FHE and is excited to be a part of the Hawk Herald this year! Avery is an avid writer, reader, and she enjoys activities such as running and competitive horse riding. She is very excited to be a journalist and try something new this semester! Avery is eager to step outside her comfort zone and try more of a journalistic style of writing. Her two careers of interest are the medical field and journalism or creative writing. Avery is eager to make a difference and there is no better way to do so than through words, so she is very excited to start reporting and grow as a writer!

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Bethany Narducci

Bethany Narducci is a first-year writer for the Hawk Herald and is a sophomore at Forest Hills Eastern. She’s a member of Student Council, Model UN, DECA, Volunteer Club, and rows for the Eastern crew team. When she isn’t busy with school, you can find Bethany watching a children’s movie and eating Chipotle. She is also an avid fan of all Arizona sports teams, despite living in California for most of her life.

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Izzy Feenstra

Izzy Feenstra is a sophomore at Forest Hills Eastern High School, participating in Model UN, Kids Food Basket Club, FCA, and the tennis team. She is a first-year writer for the Hawk Herald and is excited to start! She is often found practicing piano, making APUSH notes, or baking. She is a keen follower of “The Great British Baking Show” found on Netflix. Also, She has an endearing Goldendoodle named Josie, who loves to steal food and socks. Her favorite time of the year is Christmas; she loves the snow and a good Audrey Hepburn or Disney Movie on a cozy winter night!

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Mitchell Bogema

Mitchell is a senior at Forest Hills Eastern and this is his first time writing for Hawk Herald. Out of school, he involves himself in different activities. This is his fourth year on the FHNE hockey team and has been playing since he was 4. Other than hockey, he spends a lot of his time on the golf course and on the lake with family and friends. After high school, he plans on attending a trade school and specialize in line working.

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Pardhu Meduri

Pardhu Meduri is a freshman as well as a first-year writer at FHE. Outside of school, Pardhu likes hanging out with friends and family, playing video games, listening to music, and, most importantly, sleeping. His favorite subjects in school are math and English, but he altogether enjoys education. After high school, he plans to study pre-med or business. He is looking forward to trying new things and is excited to experience something new!

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Reese Bower

Reese Bower is a junior at Forest Hills Eastern and a first-time journalism student. Within school, she enjoys playing tennis, participating in Model UN, and being a part of student council. History and English are her favorite subjects, but she likes to learn in general. Drawing, listening to music, and traveling are some of the things she does in her free time, as well as spending time with family and friends. Reese plans to go to college and is considering a career in the English field. She is so excited to be a part of the Hawk Herald staff this semester.

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