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by Lucy Dobson

People of FHE

by Camila Meraz

People of FHE

by Kennedy Pfeiffle


by Nathan La Huis


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Local Donut Shops Worth Visiting

In celebration of fall, The Hawk Herald staff visited local donut shops. Instead of waiting in the line stretching past the road at Robinette’s, try some of these less well-known shops that are worth just the same amount of praise. Sprinkles Donut Shop  Perched in the midst of the developing metropolis that is downtown Ada, is the shop, Sprinkles. A donut shop that features specialized coffees and donuts. Walking in, we could tell that Sprinkles…

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Michigan State vs. Michigan

A game nearly as big as the Super Bowl. Stirring up controversy and feuds as old as time itself. Michigan vs Michigan State. The two rivals went up in arms this past weekend, resulting in another notch into Michigan’s belt. Winning with a lead of 21 to 7, the bets were settled and punishment was given.  I wondered about the origins of FHE students’ love of either Michigan or Michigan State and “fandom” for their…

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David McCready – Dedicated On and Off The Field

David McCready, a senior at FHE,  has been a student of Forest Hills Schools and a resident of Grand Rapids, all his life. David is clearly dedicated and a lover of sports, something he has participated in almost all his life. David has played baseball for 12 years, and his last high school season will be in the spring. However, where ever he chooses to attend college, GVSU or Northwood he says, he hopes to…

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Marie Catrib’s- The End of An Era

As you probably know, West Michigan has its fair share of local and delicious restaurants. A favorite of many, Marie Catrib’s, has been open for almost thirteen years. The original owner, Marie herself, grew up in Lebanon, and she used her upbringing for inspiration for her delicious, unique, and locally sourced menu items. She created a welcoming atmosphere, loved by many. Quirky art pieces cover the walls, and as many chairs and tables are packed…

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The Courage to Speak Out

      Whether you have voted, read, or watched the news, you probably have an opinion or at least heard about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh. Whether you have taken a stand or side, or not even familiar with this issue, it is important to be educated above all.  Often times, we take a side because it is what our parents say, our friends, or our political parties we identify with, but…

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The Anthem

The 60s, an era desiring peace. It was an era that made reforms and shaped counterculture. During the 1960s-70s the youth of America discovered they had a voice. Not only did they realize that they could stand up for what they believed in, but they discovered that they were actually making a difference. This was in part credit to many inspirational leaders such as the musician Janis Joplin, preaching songs of rebellion. The most influential…

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Another Royal Baby!!

Monday morning Kensington Palace announced that there will be another addition to the Royal Family. That’s right Meghan Markle is pregnant! The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be expecting their first child in spring of 2019. Even though this is extremely big news, the palace announced that the happy couple will continue with their scheduled tour dates. The Royal family is overly excited to add another baby to the family. However, since the Royal…

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Cedric Steed: Parking Lots

Cedric Rose Steed, the lead singer and guitarist of Parking Lots, played his first live show Saturday night. Cedric Steed has been playing with his current band Parking Lots for about 6 months. Before joining Parking Lots, Cedric was a member of the bands Wealthy and Diamond and Catch of the Century. After leaving Catch of the Century, Cedric and Catch of the Century’s guitar player Zach began working on original music. They recruited Bradley—who…

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I Hate Shakespeare Kicks Off the 2018-19 Theatre Season

Theatre kids are preparing for the debut of I Hate Shakespeare, FHE’s fall play this season. The play is about Hamlet, played by Austin Sietsma ’20,  who is trying to convince the Unhappy Person in the Audience, played by Lucy Dobson ’19, that Shakespeare is still relevant and important to study today. Lucy describes that her character is “extremely rude and quite standoffish [to Hamlet].” The show includes zombies, a fight scene, Shakespeare’s characters, and Jerry…

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Recap of the AMA’s

Whether you watched it or missed it, or don’t even know what the AMA’s are, all of your favorite artists and musicians were winning awards last week at the American Music Awards. If you missed it, here’s a recap of the winners! ARTIST OF THE YEAR: Taylor Swift NEW ARTIST OF THE YEAR: Camila Cabello COLLABORATION OF THE YEAR: Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug, “Havana TOUR OF THE YEAR: Taylor Swift VIDEO OF THE YEAR:…

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