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Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Ahmicasaube

Ms. Ahmicasaube otherwise known as Sra. Ah is a Spanish and Sociology teacher at FHE High School and Middle School. Sra. Ah is currently wrapping up her 16th year of teaching and 13th year at Eastern. She has gifted many schools with her talent of connecting with people and teaching kids about places and culture outside of what they know. Over the years she has taught in Grand Rapids Public (bilingual school), Forest Hills Northern,…

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Teacher Appreciation: Sra. Kohlhaas

Señora Kohlhaas is a Spanish teacher and has been in the district for 15 years. She has been teaching for 17 years in both Michigan and North Carolina. She grew up in Grand Rapids, attended Catholic Central High School, class of 1994, and had her eyes set on being a veterinarian. During her time at Michigan State, she decided to study abroad in Spain. Her parents encouraged her to continue with Spanish. “Then my parents…

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Teacher Appreciation: Mr. Everse

Mr. Everse, teacher of history and environmental science at Eastern, grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As a child, he attended Forest Hills High School, back when Forest Hills was the only school in the district. His junior year, he transferred to the new Forest Hills Northern. After high school, Mr. Everse studied geology at Michigan State University. Mr. Everse began his professional career working for the “evil oil companies” in Houston, Texas. He started…

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Ella O’Rourke: The Social Butterfly

Ella O’Rourke is a sophomore at Eastern High School. She calls herself a comic relief and is someone who is gracious and empathetic to everyone she meets. She cares deeply about the people around her and puts her friends first. “I think of myself as funny, I love telling puns,” Ella shared. When asked about her favorite joke,  Mr. Tolly urged her to tell her Harry Potter joke. “Two boys are reading The Harry Potter…

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Eastern Volunteers Abroad

April is national volunteer month! To celebrate, the Hawk Herald interviewed junior Anna Devarenne and freshman Seth Wolowski about their experiences volunteering abroad. Where did you volunteer, when, and for how long? Anna: “This summer, I went to the Dominican Republic for all of June.” Seth: “I went to Uganda 3 years ago. I’ve gone 3 times. Each trip lasted around 10 days.” What type of volunteer work did you do? Anna: “It was a…

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The Many Clubs of FHE

FHE is showcasing their many different clubs and organizations to the incoming freshmen and high school students. The variety of extracurricular activities allow for FHE students to be well-rounded, to better know their classmates, and to build their character. Each club is unique and offers different perspectives. Baking Club Baking club is a fun and interactive club where people can go to have a fun time. The Baking Club meets once a month and bake…

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Who Has the Best Smile at FHE?

Seeing someone’s smile can totally change the course of the day for another person. Smiling is a simple action that we can consciously make day-to-day. It can often go unnoticed, but at the same time it can affect people so deeply. It can be the most identifiable and best features of a person’s qualities. We checked in with FHE students to ask who they thought had the most contagious, inspiring, and best smile at school.…

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Who is Fashion Forward at FHE?

Clothes are an outlet individuals use to express ourselves. Each person has a unique style that shows a little bit of the individual. In honor of the red carpet, the Hawk Herald asked students to share favorite fashionistas of FHE. A survey asking students to identify high style was sent out to the FHE student body to offer up the most fashionable of FHE’s. Individuality is key! Below are students who had two or more votes,…

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FHE Theatre Presents High School Musical

This past weekend, February 14, 15, and 16, FHE’s Theatre Department put on four productions of the well-known, and widely loved show, High School Musical. The cast and crew displayed their seasoned talent with an incredible show. The popular phrase ” the show must go on,” related very much to this winter musical. As the Polar Vortex swept through Michigan, it had a detrimental effect on the production of the show. Not only were rehearsals canceled…

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Who Are People Crushing On at Eastern?

From kindergarten to now everyone has had at least one crush. When we were in kindergarten our crush was based on the kid who could run the fastest or who had the coolest toy. Now it depends more on personality, religion, sexuality, and looks. Or maybe it is just for fun. Crushes are fun to have, but it is even more fun to find out if someone has a crush on you. The top five…

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