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Jacob Howell’s ESPN-Worthy Goal

The first home game of the season is revered by athletes everywhere. For the boy’s varsity soccer team of Forest Hills Eastern, the first home game was particularly memorable, especially for Jacob Howell (‘20), who scored what he described as “one of the most memorable goals” of his soccer career.   Jacob, who has been playing soccer for eleven years, switched to play center back for this particular game. During an offensive play early in the…

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Cast Announced for Ramona Quimby

The Forest Hills Eastern theatre department will be putting on a production of Ramona Quimby early this November. Based on the book series by Beverly Cleary, the play is about a troublesome third-grader named Ramona Quimby who lives with her parents and her older sister, Beezus. We watch as Ramona handles a myriad of problems, from her teacher’s dislike, her father’s firing, her aunt’s unsatisfactory fiancé, and her tumultuous relationship with her sister. The show is…

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Cedric Steed and Parking Lots’ New Album

“Say Hello to the Elevator People,” Parking Lots’ new album, dropped early this morning at 12:00 am.  Cedric Steed (‘20) and his band members Zach and Bradley have “spent every waking moment that [they] have had as a band together since last November on this album.” They put upwards of 400-500 hours into writing and recording the album’s 17 songs. Cedric describes the album as being “full of crazy noises.” He says that the album…

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Allayna Hight: Rising Local Star

Allayna Hight (‘20) has been singing “ever since [she] can remember.” She and her siblings come from a musical family; they formed a band as children called A+, all of their names starting with A, and her parents are musicians as well. Her father is the leader of M6-West, the band Allayna has recently joined over the summer to help get over her stage fright. The band features a saxophonist, a trumpeter, two guitarists, a…

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Amazon Flames Keep Burning

The Amazon Rainforest is the world’s biggest rainforest and a key player in the ecosystem of our earth. It is currently burning. Farmers in Brazil have been burning the Amazon for decades for farmland. There has been a sharp increase in August that has captured the attention of celebrities, politicians, and the public.  The fires in the Amazon were not started naturally. The fires were started by farmers in need of more space to grow…

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Students Replace Phones with “Carrier Hawks” After New Policy

As they say, modern problems call for ancient solutions. In the wake of the new district-wide cell phone policy, students have reportedly begun to interact with each other during class by sending their messages through carrier hawks. Forest Hills Eastern’s halls have transformed themselves into a flurry of feathers as each student’s personal bird carries notes, forgotten homework, and stolen test copies from class to class. Many students are raving about this new development. “I…

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Common App for Dummies

Classes have started and students are not yet overloaded with homework (hopefully), but seniors are already worrying about something more important: college applications. According to a poll sent to Forest Hills Eastern seniors, 63.5% of seniors are not totally sure how the Common Application works and only 12.5% have completed their application (37.5% have not even started). Counselors have already visited English classes to explain the process, but for those who were not there—or not…

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First Week Jitters

The first school week at Forest Hills Eastern has come and gone. Students had varying opinions and experiences. After the first week jitters, here is what these four students had to say. First, Trenton Brink discussed his first week of high school. Adjusting to high school from middle school can be tough. “My first week of ninth grade was a lot more stressful. I was concerned about the amount of homework I was going to…

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Governor Whitmer Addresses Forest Hills Educators

From the Co-Editors-in-Chief: Governor Gretchen Whitmer visited Forest Hills Public Schools on Wednesday to address Forest Hills’ staff members. It was a homecoming for the governor, who is a Forest Hills Central graduate of the class of 1989. She was received by a large group of FHPS staff members at the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center and spoke on issues like the 2020 Fiscal Budget, vaping, and education.  During her days at Forest Hills Central,…

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Forest Hills Eastern Welcomes Mr. Schwander

After just two short weeks at Forest Hills Eastern, Joe Schwander, the new teacher of math, physics, and computer science and new head coach of the football team, is settling in quite well. “Every impression has been awesome,” said Schwander, with a fond smile on his face. “This place is awesome. The setting of the school is awesome, and the kids and the staff have been tremendous.” Schwander is a West Michigan native who graduated…

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