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by Lindsey Soet

Hawk Herald Posts

The New Cultural Phenomenon: Anay Fits

Fashion icons often travel the world, showcasing their styles and superior articles of clothing. Little known to many, Eastern has recently acquired its very own model and social media influencer – Anay D. Moitra (’22), also known by his social media handle as @anayfits.  Anay, known for his successful half-court shot at the Hawk Team assembly on Wednesday, doubles not only as a star basketball player but as a fashion connoisseur and enthusiast as well.…

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Victory Day

World War Two was a tragic event that scarred the world in a way never seen before. Millions of lives were extinguished by gunfire, bombs, execution camps, and even nuclear warheads. Entire nations were built and destroyed during the course of the war, and afterward, the world simply was never the same. But the day it was over resounded over every person and nation, as the nightmare was finally over: it was Victory Day. The…

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Jennis: A Life Changing Experience

The girls’ JV tennis team, otherwise known as Jennis, has become increasingly popular. For Tara Kloostra, one of the team’s seniors, it is often a highlight of her day. “So far, this season has been so amazing!” Tara shares, “it has been such an amazing opportunity for me to get to know so many underclassmen that I would not have otherwise met. Though the season has been super short, with many weather cancellations, it has…

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The Power of Penpals

Just last week, I experienced a joyous thrill after I turned into my driveway and made the impromptu decision to stop by my mailbox. Pulling out the ever-slimming pile of snail mail, I flipped through the items with the classic wrist flip, as those letters addressed to my parents wound up at the back of the pile. Amidst the bills, bank statements, and lawn-care flyers, a neat, hand-addressed letter sent my spirits soaring: it was…

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Take Caution Before Taking: The Downside of Online Classes

Rain continues to flood every other day, signaling that spring is here and the school year is close to completion for seniors. Students have quite a few things on their minds; for a considerable number of seniors, one of those things is online classes. Since Covid, online classes have seen an uptick in popularity. More and more students see it as either an easy way out of distasteful classes or time to take classes not…

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A New Variant, Just Around the Corner: Senioritis

As we all are working towards ending the monstrous pandemic that has plagued the entire world for the last two years, many are forgetting the real pandemic that is arriving just around the corner.     The senioritis virus is well-known for infecting thousands of high-school seniors every year. Peculiarly, only 12th-grade students seem to be affected. Researchers and scientists have dedicated many hours to studying the disease, which appears to have no discovered cure. According to…

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2022 French Election: A Win for the World

Last Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron won re-election, becoming the first French president to do so in two decades. A lot of people, especially here in the United States, do not understand how significant Macron’s win was. If he had lost, that would mean a potentially major effect on people across the globe. The French President faced off against far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, who has voiced her discontent with the European Union and NATO,…

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Music Monthly: April Edition

People have either heard his name or have been devoted fans since One Direction. Through any circumstance, countless worldwide are familiar with British artist Harry Styles who has gained the title of one of the most influential male singers of the 21’st century. His new single, “As It Was,” released on March 31st and it has left fans absolutely breathless.  It has been over two years since Harry’s most recent album, “Fine Line,” came out,…

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Splashing Into the Season

The unseasonably warm weather on Saturday created a perfect day for the Forest Hills Eastern Rowing team to start their spring season. Over the weekend the team participated in the Belted Galloway regatta hosted by Forest Hills Northern at the shared FHPS boathouse. Unlike some regattas, only “big” boats (eight-person and four-person boats) were allowed to race, excluding all sculling events. Despite the restricted event list, many members of the crew team were still excited…

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Met Gala Dress Code

Let’s talk about the Met Gala. The Met Gala or Met Ball is the most important night of the year when it comes to fashion. This Vogue-sponsored event, which was started by Elanor Lambert in 1948, was first created to raise money for the Costume Institute. Originally, tickets were on sale for fifty dollars each. Now, however, the price has slightly elevated with an entrance ticket being sold for $30,000 dollars and a seat at…

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