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by Lindsey Soet

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Anna and Katelyn: Crew Champions

As someone new to crew, the thought of waking up at 6 am to watch people row boats sounded miserable. I was right that waking up at 6 am on the weekend was miserable, that cannot be denied, however being introduced to the sport that is crew was surprisingly fun! My surprising discovery about the sport was not the only big moment, but also that Anna Alt (‘24) and Katelyn Douglas (‘24), both FHE rowers,…

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Buckle Up: Model United Nations is Here!

This week, I got the chance to sit down with current FHE sophomore Andrew Dylenski (24), who is a part of Model United Nations. I did not know much about MUN until Drew filled me in. He stated, “It’s kind of a nice way for students to collaborate, work against each other, [and] work as a team with your school.” Although last year’s season was cut short due to the pandemic, Drew expects MUN to…

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Too Big a Hole, How do We Dig Ourselves Out?

It is the pandemic that has been going on since the Industrial Revolution. It is not a human disease but a global one. Global warming has been plaguing our way of life and has worsened in the last few decades. Most of us cannot see significant changes in climate and therefore choose blind ignorance. After all, admitting we have a problem and working towards a solution is a workload we don’t want to bear. However,…

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Senior Victory at Annual Powder Puff Game

After the year and a half break with no homecoming activities, the Powder Puff game between the junior and senior classes is back. The teams faced off this past Friday, reigniting the generational feud between juniors and seniors. Even with only a couple of weeks of training, the senior girls’ team remained optimistic and ambitious when it came to winning the game.  When talking to the team, there was an overwhelming presence of school spirit…

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Hawks on the Rise

The stakes were high for the varsity football team last Friday. The entire student population was in the stands, eagerly awaiting the announcement of Homecoming King and Queen. Students and parents who would usually be home came to the game, causing the parking lot to fill and overflow into the soccer fields. The night was warm and humid, starting at 74 degrees, with the occasional leaf falling onto the spectators. As the night progressed, it…

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An End to America’s Longest War

President Joe Biden’s recent order to pull all troops out of Afghanistan has turned D.C. upside down – causing an uproar across partisan lines. For years, voters have been asking for the United States to pull out of the decades-long war in the Middle East. In 2021, 70% of Americans supported a withdrawal and political candidates, including former President Donald Trump, have campaigned on the promise of bringing American soldiers home from Afghanistan. So why…

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The Monthly (Not So) Monger: Scary Dairy edition

This article marks the introduction of cheese to the Hawk Herald. To get things started I’d like to introduce myself and share why you should be interested in cheese.  Other than my occupation as a high school student, for over a year now I’ve been working at a grocery store called “Kingmas,” specifically in the cheese department. My department does all the slicing, sealing, and serving up of cheese. After a year’s worth of experience,…

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The Anatomy of a Solid Backpacking Trip

The Anatomy of a Solid Backpacking Trip: The Manistee River Loop Edition Are you tired of driving hours to a campground, only to realize you’ve forgotten something? Did you forget to reserve a campsite (or are you like me and don’t plan ahead, or you don’t want to commit to a spot without seeing it first)? Do you want to know what to look out for when hiking a trail for the first time? Do…

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The Tides Turn for the FHNE Swim Team

Tuesday night at six, the Forest Hills Northern Eastern swim team prepared to go against Forest Hills Central. The FHNE swim team hadn’t had a victory against FHC in several years, but that would soon change later in the evening. As swimmers climbed the diving blocks and took their positions, the remaining teammates flocked to the opposite end of the pool, eager to cheer on the racers. On the balcony above, the parents and students…

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Scoring a Victory: Hawks Defeat Wayland Union

Thursday night, the Forest Hills Eastern men’s varsity soccer team faced off against Wayland Union High School, winning 1-0. FHE also celebrated senior players Zach Elmouchi, Gavin Hanson, Sladen Van Andel, Josh Hay, Kallan Klaes, Demetrius Wingard, and team manager, Deni Tepic for the annual senior night. Students and families across the FHE community came out to both support our seniors and hype up the team for their game. The first half of the game…

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