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by Lindsey Soet

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The Rackets are Out! – Keeping Up With Girls Varsity Tennis

Spring sports started last month, and although it is fairly early into the season, this didn’t prevent the strong-willed girls on the varsity tennis team from having a bold start. Tennis is an elegantly aggressive sport that requires intense coordination and strategy. The team’s skill was displayed when they took on Wayland Union High School with full force during the intense match.  The radiant sunshine beamed down onto Forest Hills Eastern High School as the…

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A Cheesy Year, the Process of Making Arrangements

June of 2021 was the end of a Covid crazy school year. Before class could conclude, everybody was back in school for in-person teaching. One day, the lunch was slated to be held during a different hour than usual. It moved lunch from my world history class to English 11.  A few days prior I had chatted with Ms. Barnes, my English teacher, about cheese. She prompted me to bring cheese to the class. So…

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National Honor Society’s 2021-2022 Year: A Recap

The National Honor Society (NHS), a nationwide organization that works to unite high-achieving high school students, has chapters all over the country. Focusing on the commitments to scholarship, leadership, service, and character, NHS organizes volunteering opportunities, community fundraisers, and charity events, and is exemplified by its students who all demonstrate high potential. At Eastern, NHS is headed by facilitators Ms. Thompson and Mrs. Barnes, as well as its executive board.  Each year, NHS pledges to…

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We Will Miss You, Ms. Thompson!

Among all the teachers at Eastern, Ms. Thompson is one of the most unique and revered. As Director of the middle school, concert, and symphony orchestras at FHE, and also a facilitator of the National Honor Society, she has had her hands full as an integral staff member at the school. However, Ms. Thompson is moving on from Eastern this year and entering the next stage in her career as a musician and music educator. …

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Girls Lacrosse is Number One

With the countless spring sports all competing for their fans’ attention, the FHNE Girls Varsity Lacrosse team is pushing through their season and drawing quite a crowd. The team includes those from all grades, bringing together new friends and teammates. The seniors on the team continue to set a high standard for upcoming players as well – inspiring the team to work their hardest during game time. With the rest of their season ahead, the…

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Fast Fashion: The Trendy Enemy

Fast fashion, defined as the clothing industry’s method of producing cheap, trendy clothing quickly, is an increasingly prominent global phenomenon. While many consumers have turned a blind eye to this issue, they should consider giving it a second glance. Not only do major fast-fashion corporations such as Zara, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Guess, and Gap treat many of their workers in an inhumane manner, but their mass-production mantra also brings significant damage to the planet. While…

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Students’ Most Productive Procrastination

As everyone knows, high school students often struggle with procrastination and distraction – often choosing to spend their time doing useless activities and endlessly scrolling through social media. Rather than finish homework now and waste time later, it is often so much easier to push back work, waste time, or simply do nothing. Though this may be a problem, two of the most popular ways that students procrastinate work, especially during school hours, are playing…

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The Monthly (Not So) Monger, A Bittersweet Final Edition

The very last day of high school, as a senior, is May 9th – a fast-approaching date. This school year went by in a flash, with cheese taking up such a large portion of that time. In a way, writing about cheese made it all too real that life happens in the blink of an eye. I’ve poured the time and skills into arranging boards each month, with a cheese spotlight in the middle. This…

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Keeping Up With the Kardashians at the Met

Though many view this particular family as “controversial,” one cannot deny that they are currently the most fashionably influential family in the pop culture scene. The Kardashians continue to influence fashion trends worldwide and are constantly watched to see what their next outrageous fashion statement will be. This is especially true on fashion’s biggest night: the Met Gala. Kim Kardashian was the first member of the family to make an appearance at the gala, as…

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The Whimsical World of Wes Anderson

It is always a relief to lay back on the couch, reach for the TV remote, and search for the perfect film to watch after a long and laborious day. So often, people desire to be entertained and free themselves from their boredom. They can fulfill this longing by simply pressing a couple of buttons and turning a few dials. Cinema is the modern escape from reality. It is a life-giver to a variety of…

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