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How Soon Is Too Soon?

When November rolls around each year, a great debate begins before the spooky decorations are taken down. Is it too early to start listening to holiday music? Some people swear that holiday music is perfectly acceptable as soon as November 1st. Others argue that even thinking about the holidays, especially the music before Thanksgiving is “just wrong.” And then there is the kind of people who refuse to listen to it until December. Then there…

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Kornacki the Khaki King

Rising to national fame in 2020 due to his coverage of the presidential election, Steve Kornacki returned to television to outline the 2022 midterm elections this past week. The MSNBC and NBC Correspondent, 43 became known as the “Khaki King” for his signature khaki pants that he wore throughout the 4 tedious days of vote-counting and poll-watching during the 2020 election. Kornacki instantly became a bright spot amidst the divisive race, with viewers loving his…

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National Early Signing Day 2022

Wednesday, November 9, five FHE athletes committed to various colleges and universities to continue both their academic and athletic careers. While there are several National Signing Days, yesterday marked the first in a series of formal announcements. FHE Sports anticipates additional signings before the end of the school year in June of 2023!  Congratulations to our awesome athletes. Alayna Davis (‘23) committed to play lacrosse as a midfielder at Central Michigan University. FHNE lacrosse head…

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The Blood Drive Booms Back

The Thursday before Halloween, it wasn’t just fake blood being spilled. October 27th marked the return of the NHS blood drive, where students sign up for time slots to donate their blood in the comforts of the aux gym. Partnering with the Versiti Blood Center of Michigan, the National Honor Society surpassed its goal of 55 units of blood by 5 this fall, with 60 total units from students and teachers. Each much-needed unit of…

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Trick or … Treat?

Over the years, many high school students have witnessed first-hand the frights of October 31st. Halloween has always been a night filled with ghouls and goblins, but over the past few years, it seems as if more and more houses leave off their lights and set up empty bowls that say “take one” as if to shoo away trick-or-treaters. This night has always been a fun holiday to hang out with friends and earn well-deserved…

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Resident Evil 7 – The Scariest Resident Evil

Since it’s that spooky time of the year, I decided to play a game from one of the scariest franchises: Resident Evil. I specifically chose Resident Evil 7 (RE7), as many people consider it the scariest of the series. I played on the normal difficulty; however, I would recommend playing on easy to people who are new to survival-horror games. Gameplay: Resident Evil 5 and 6 were criticized for focusing too much on action rather…

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The World’s Best Place to Shop

What store is a huge warehouse full of free samples and low prices? Costco! Costco is known for its wide variety of bulk items and cheap prices. Costco has everything you could need from playsets to sheds, lobster to flowers, tires to clothes, toilet paper to baked goods, and so much more.  Arguably the best part of Costco is the FREE samples; Costco gives free samples of various products to anyone who wants one. These…

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Bluey for All

Shouts of “Mum…Dad…Bingo…Bluey” emerge from the screen, blanketed in a thick Australian accent. Bluey is an Emmy-winning children’s TV show that is taking the world by storm. It’s relatable tales, hilarious characters, and Australian references make it enjoyable for adults, teens, and children alike to watch. Bluey currently has 3 seasons and 141 combined episodes, each being roughly 7 minutes long. The show can be streamed on Disney+ or watched live on Disney Junior. The…


Eastern’s Academic Competitions

Are you someone who likes to get competitive, but sports aren’t really your thing? If you’d rather hit the books than hit the gym, there are still many opportunities for you to showcase your skills. Here is a brief rundown of all the academic competitions that FHE has to offer: Model United Nations: Thursdays from 6:00-7:30 at the end of B-Hall In Model UN, students prepare for competitions where they take on the role of…

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Robotics at FHE – Ben Gates

Senior Ben Gates is a member of the Comets, the Forest Hills robotics team. This team provides an opportunity for students to learn about engineering, programming, and teamwork skills in a fun, competitive environment. Unfortunately, most FHE students do not know that FHPS has a robotics team, much less what the team itself does. “The organization FIRST which holds the competition releases a demonstrative video and how-to-play manual of a ‘game’ in the first week…

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