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by Lindsey Dylenski


Hawk Herald Posts

Break Point – Game Over for the Boys’ Varsity Tennis!

Boys’ Varsity Tennis played at States this weekend in Novi, Michigan, ending this years’ season. The pressure intensified for the team to perform as well as last year when FHE secured their first-ever regional tennis title. Evan Schwalm (2019) wrapped up the season sharing his thoughts with The Hawk Herald. “The tennis season this year, was just different because I broke my arm and did not play for the first half. But, we ended up…

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Is “Piano Man” FHE’s School Song?

If you’ve stayed until the last song of school dances or was a part of a play or musical here at Eastern, you probably know that Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” is played at every play, musical, and dance. Why? When did one of Billy Joel’s hits become the “thing” that brings Eastern students together? This was Joel’s first signature hit, debuting on the Piano Man album in November 1973. (A link to the song is…

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10 DIY Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is just around the corner!   Like many people, maybe you haven’t even thought about a costume to wear. If you don’t already have a costume, here are some last-minute DIY costumes. A Cactus  For this costume you will need a green sweater, pipe cleaner,  and a flower headband. Then twist the pipe cleaner through the sweater.  Cereal Killer  Grab a white t-shirt, red paint, a sharpie, small cereal boxes, and plastic knives. Start with…

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Recap of the Streamy Awards

Every year thousands of viewers tune in to watch their favorite YouTubers at The Streamy Awards. If you missed it, here is a recap of the winners! Breakout Creator: Emma Chamberlain Comedy: Brandon Rogers Documentary: Shane Dawson, “The Truth About Tanacon” First Person: David Dobrik Dance: Matt Steffanina Fashion: Niki and Gabi Food: Worth It Health and Wellness: Jay Shetty Lifestyle: Merrell Twins Pop Culture: Vogue’s 73 Question Science or Education: Marques Brownlee Storyteller: Gabbie…

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When Is the Right Time To Start Listening to Christmas Music?

Christmas music. When is the right time to start listening to it? Walking through Meijer or any store, right now, the holiday decor and sounds overpower shoppers, yet we haven’t made it to Halloween!  It seems to be a controversial topic around this time of year. Should we start listening before Thanksgiving, or maybe before Halloween? Or is that too early, and should we not start listening to it before December?  If the band starts rehearsing…

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Michael Myers Returns To Terrorize Fans

This past Friday, October 19, generations of horror movie fans flocked to movie theaters all over town for the premiere of Halloween. By 7:00 p.m. that night, the lobby of the theatre was packed and almost all the seats were sold-out. Fans from the first movie in the series that aired in 1978 were seated amongst the newest fans from 2018. It was an awesome sight to see as the iconic opening text credits started…

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Keep your eye out for the Ada Witch

Around Halloween, the stories of ghosts and ghouls are resurrected to put us all in the Halloween spirit! One famously known spirited story here at FHE is the story of Ada Witch. Teens and paranormal hunters attempt to catch a glimpse of her when fall and specifically, October, rolls around. There are multiple videos on Youtube of people pursuing the Ada Witch and in some videos, a glimpse of her can be seen. A screenshot…

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Deciphering Kanye West’s Most Confusing Political Statements

Kanye West, famous for his rap music and his marriage to reality star Kim Kardashian, has always been opinionated. Lately, he has been facing more controversy than usual as a result of his support for President Trump and his comments on topics like dragons, slavery, and the universe.   Kanye expressed his support for President Trump for the first time in a tweet last April that read: “you don’t have to agree with trump but the…

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Local Donut Shops Worth Visiting

In celebration of fall, The Hawk Herald staff visited local donut shops. Instead of waiting in the line stretching past the road at Robinette’s, try some of these less well-known shops that are worth just the same amount of praise. Sprinkles Donut Shop  Perched in the midst of the developing metropolis that is downtown Ada, is the shop, Sprinkles. A donut shop that features specialized coffees and donuts. Walking in, we could tell that Sprinkles…

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Michigan State vs. Michigan

A game nearly as big as the Super Bowl. Stirring up controversy and feuds as old as time itself. Michigan vs Michigan State. The two rivals went up in arms this past weekend, resulting in another notch into Michigan’s belt. Winning with a lead of 21 to 7, the bets were settled and punishment was given.  I wondered about the origins of FHE students’ love of either Michigan or Michigan State and “fandom” for their…

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