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Category: The Arts

Hostile Hallway Holiday Happenings.

The annual decoration of the hallways in “holiday spirit” kicked off this week, and the frenzy of lights, paper, and glitter was a sight to be seen on the morning of Tuesday, December 12. What always starts as a friendly competition between the staff members, quickly escalated into a heated battle of hallways, but this year’s decorative touch outshined others.  B Hall morphed into a true winter wonderland, complete with dozens of strings of lights,…

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FHE Theatre: “I Hate Shakespeare”

Every fall the students of FHE put on a fall play. These plays range from tragedies, to full-blown comedic geniuses. This year was no exception, parodying the works of the great William Shakespeare. The “I Hate Shakespeare” play allowed for students and adults alike to transcend into their former trauma, high school and college English class. Many recall Shakespeare simply as a jumble of old-English words that make no sense to the average mind, but…

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Is “Piano Man” FHE’s School Song?

If you’ve stayed until the last song of school dances or was a part of a play or musical here at Eastern, you probably know that Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” is played at every play, musical, and dance. Why? When did one of Billy Joel’s hits become the “thing” that brings Eastern students together? This was Joel’s first signature hit, debuting on the Piano Man album in November 1973. (A link to the song is…

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Cedric Steed: Parking Lots

Cedric Rose Steed, the lead singer and guitarist of Parking Lots, played his first live show Saturday night. Cedric Steed has been playing with his current band Parking Lots for about 6 months. Before joining Parking Lots, Cedric was a member of the bands Wealthy and Diamond and Catch of the Century. After leaving Catch of the Century, Cedric and Catch of the Century’s guitar player Zach began working on original music. They recruited Bradley—who…

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I Hate Shakespeare Kicks Off the 2018-19 Theatre Season

Theatre kids are preparing for the debut of I Hate Shakespeare, FHE’s fall play this season. The play is about Hamlet, played by Austin Sietsma ’20,  who is trying to convince the Unhappy Person in the Audience, played by Lucy Dobson ’19, that Shakespeare is still relevant and important to study today. Lucy describes that her character is “extremely rude and quite standoffish [to Hamlet].” The show includes zombies, a fight scene, Shakespeare’s characters, and Jerry…

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Lil Naan: Did he leave his rapping days in middle school?

Nanda Murali, an ex-aspiring rapper, may be officially done with his rap career. Nanda, aka Lil Naan, has been making rap music for his loyal followers on SoundCloud since December of last year. His first piece was a collaboration with Eastern alumni Yangster. Nanda said that it was “just for fun” and that he “didn’t realize it would blow up.” The surge in popularity within his grade at Eastern was totally unexpected by Nanda. “I…