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Michigan State vs. Michigan

A game nearly as big as the Super Bowl. Stirring up controversy and feuds as old as time itself. Michigan vs Michigan State. The two rivals went up in arms this past weekend, resulting in another notch into Michigan’s belt. Winning with a lead of 21 to 7, the bets were settled and punishment was given.  I wondered about the origins of FHE students’ love of either Michigan or Michigan State and “fandom” for their…

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David McCready – Dedicated On and Off The Field

David McCready, a senior at FHE,  has been a student of Forest Hills Schools and a resident of Grand Rapids, all his life. David is clearly dedicated and a lover of sports, something he has participated in almost all his life. David has played baseball for 12 years, and his last high school season will be in the spring. However, where ever he chooses to attend college, GVSU or Northwood he says, he hopes to…

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