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Category: People of FHE

The Expressive and Well-Respected Ms. Devarenne

By Lucy Dobson and Kennedy Pfeiffle It is safe to say, that Ms. Devarenne is one of the most involved teachers in the students and community here at FHE. Leading the senior squad and organizing all the senior events, is no easy task, but Ms. Devarenne executes this task just about perfectly.  In the classroom, her teaching style shows her passion about education and her involvement with students. For example, her students can be found…


The Artist Within

By Kennedy Pfeiffle Meet Ella Bowen This is Ella Bowen, she is a sophomore and has a hidden talent…She is an amazing artist! When asked how long she has been captivated by this skill or hobby, she said “I’ve been doing art the second I came out of the womb, at least that’s what I always say.” She has no artistic limits, she enjoys creating things, whether it is sewing, videography, drawing, writing music, or even…

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Harrison Centner

Meet Harrison Centner. He is a junior at FHE. This summer he spent 5 weeks at the Joffrey Ballet in Chicago, and is also part of the Nutcracker this year, at the West Michigan Youth Ballet. Harrison also partakes in Quiz Bowl at FHE  He is a busy young man and always has a smile on his face! “You don’t have to be smart to be in Quiz Bowl, you just have to like learning.”…

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Lil Naan: Did he leave his rapping days in middle school?

Nanda Murali, an ex-aspiring rapper, may be officially done with his rap career. Nanda, aka Lil Naan, has been making rap music for his loyal followers on SoundCloud since December of last year. His first piece was a collaboration with Eastern alumni Yangster. Nanda said that it was “just for fun” and that he “didn’t realize it would blow up.” The surge in popularity within his grade at Eastern was totally unexpected by Nanda. “I…


Matthew Howing- a singer, dancer, & artist

Matthew Howing (‘19) is a loved and well known senior here at Eastern. He has many talents that he loves to share with his class. Over the Senior Retreat Matthew performed the song, Remember Me, for the talent show. When asking about why he chose to sing, Remember Me, he responded by saying, “Its a breathtaking, beautiful, emotional song.” He sang his rendition and received a standing ovation that he fully soaked in. During the…

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