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Welcome the Hawkcast!

The Hawkcast: Episode 1 Click the above text to view the episode! If you would like to be featured as a guest, please contact us at Episodes will be uploaded to every other Monday (tentatively).

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Mariya Jahan: Her Art, Advice, and Ambitions

My interview with Mariya Jahan (‘21) started with her excitedly showing me her intricate galaxy door she painted over quarantine, crescendoed with laughter as we talked about her hopes and dreams while she simultaneously received an acceptance letter from James Madison University, and ended reluctantly as she swore she needed to get her AP Calculus homework done (though she quickly circled back to discuss star signs and Hogwarts’ houses).  Enthusiastic, electric, and creative as they…

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Hawks “Wrap” Up 2020 With Their Favorite Tunes

As dubbed by Spotify, 2020 has truly been the “longest year.” Yet, through all of the change, music has remained a constant for the Hawks of Forest Hills Eastern. With the annual arrival of playlists across a variety of music platforms comprised of listeners’ top songs, came a revisited wave of emotions and the commemoration of music and its importance through these chaotic times. “What a Friend” by Matt Maher: “This year was definitely weird. This…

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Advice For the Underclassmen: Sincerely, the Seniors

With much of their junior and senior years being tarnished by the coronavirus, it’s no secret that upperclassmen have had an abnormal amount of downtime. Because of this, many have spent copious amounts of time reflecting on their high school experience.  Through an Instagram poll, I conducted a survey in which I asked upperclassmen to share the most impactful pieces of wisdom they’ve encountered while navigating these bizarre years. “Change will happen. Expect it and…

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What is Eastern Wearing?

As we transition into the colder months of the school year, students have been taking every opportunity to show off their fall style. The Hawk Herald took to the halls of Eastern to see what students are wearing. Show me your fits, Eastern! *Phineas and Ferb episode 9, season 1 blares in the background* Macy Debaar (’22) is rocking a green, floral-print midi skirt with a white cropped tank top. For her accessories, she is…

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Gamer of the Moment

Who is the gamer of the month? The answer is simple: Thomas Dixon, one of my close friends, and a Forest Hills Eastern senior. I have known him since freshman year, and we’ve gotten along well enough. A crash course on Thomas: he is most well-known for an inside joke gone wrong, claims to be “born at a young age,” is a fan of grunge and alternative rock music, and enjoys mountain biking and “jumping…

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Who’s the Best Classic Horror Movie Villain?

Due to the coronavirus, this Halloween will be different from most. But in this spooky season, we can still ask the age old question: who is the best horror movie villain? We all have seen the classic movies of Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street, and since this Hallows Eve is on a Saturday night, you can stay home, stay safe, and rerun these classics. But who is the best?  Based on a Google…

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Ribbons for Mr. Hollern

During quarantine, Forest Hills Eastern suffered the loss of our beloved assistant principal, Mr. Tim Hollern. On October 17th, the football game against Catholic Central served as a fundraiser in Mr. Hollern’s honor. To raise money, the cheerleading team was tasked with selling small, $2 ribbons. The cheer team alone was able to raise over $400 in ribbon profits and additional donations, with all proceeds going to the Van Andel Institute for cancer research. At…

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Soccer Team Shake-Up

Just as the soccer season was coming to a close, tragedy struck. One of the varsity athletes contracted COVID-19, resulting in 16 of the 23 athletes being quarantined for two weeks. Because of this, the entire JV soccer team was temporarily pulled up, playing as the varsity soccer team until Thursday, October 8th. The JV athletes played three games, and tied 0-0 against Cedar Springs, lost 2-1 against Ottawa Hills, and won 1-0 against Wayland…

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FHE Alumni: Essential Working During Quarantine

On March 23, 2020, the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order was signed by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. It stated that all residents of Michigan needed to stay in their homes—unless they were getting necessities, caring for loved ones, or working an essential job. But what was it like for those essential workers? While the news typically showcases the lives of adults who worked essential jobs throughout quarantine, many Forest Hills Eastern students and alumni braved…

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