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Class of 2019 Final Thoughts….

Avolio, Annabelle Alma College “Some people say, “Never let them see you cry,” I say, if you’re so mad you could just cry, then cry. It terrifies everyone. Bennett, Elle United States Military Academy at West Point “Few words, many thoughts, and a world to experience” Bileth, Ashley Attending Central Michigan University to pursue a doctorate in psychiatry “To the moon and back” Braun, Jimmy Attending Michigan State University Calveneau, Zach Hope College “I ain’t…

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Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Brown

Ms. Jacquie Brown has been a teacher at FHE for 6 years, including her time at Knapp Forest Elementary. Ms. Brown teaches Health, Fitness, and Leadership. She exclaimed that her favorite part of teaching is “Getting to spark my passion into another student, for living a healthy life,” whether physically or mentally. Throughout her teaching career, she has learned that seeing the “light bulb go off” is completely true! She loves to see when students…

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Teacher Appreciation: Mrs. Schellenberg

Mrs. Schellenberg is an English teacher at FHE, continuing on with an astounding fifteen years under her belt. However, teaching wasn’t always her first choice. She believes that she has always wanted to be a teacher, but was simply unsure of the fact that she wanted it. Young Mrs. Schellenberg was consumed by another passion: becoming a cowgirl. She had all the supplies: the boots, the hat, the music. As she grew older, she gradually…

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Teacher Appreciation: Mr. Wysocki

Mr. Wysocki teaches World and U.S. History at FHE. He attended Forest Hills Northern as a student and continued his academic career at Michigan University. When asked about his experience of high school he replied, “I grew up loving the community that was school. My school experience included constantly questioning the teacher and the content.  When I was wrong, getting kicked out of class or sleeping was the way. I hated school so much I…

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Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Ahmicasaube

Ms. Ahmicasaube otherwise known as Sra. Ah is a Spanish and Sociology teacher at FHE High School and Middle School. Sra. Ah is currently wrapping up her 16th year of teaching and 13th year at Eastern. She has gifted many schools with her talent of connecting with people and teaching kids about places and culture outside of what they know. Over the years she has taught in Grand Rapids Public (bilingual school), Forest Hills Northern,…

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Teacher Appreciation: Mrs. Buchanan

Mrs. Buchanan has been a teacher at FHE for 11 years, but has been teaching for a total of 14 years. At Eastern, she is the marketing and personal finance teacher along with running the school store and leading DECA. Growing up with her mom as a business teacher, also inspired her to be a teacher. Her teachers in high school had an impact on this. “My Spanish and physical education teachers in high school…

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Teacher Appreciation: Mr. Everse

Mr. Everse, teacher of history and environmental science at Eastern, grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As a child, he attended Forest Hills High School, back when Forest Hills was the only school in the district. His junior year, he transferred to the new Forest Hills Northern. After high school, Mr. Everse studied geology at Michigan State University. Mr. Everse began his professional career working for the “evil oil companies” in Houston, Texas. He started…

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Ella O’Rourke: The Social Butterfly

Ella O’Rourke is a sophomore at Eastern High School. She calls herself a comic relief and is someone who is gracious and empathetic to everyone she meets. She cares deeply about the people around her and puts her friends first. “I think of myself as funny, I love telling puns,” Ella shared. When asked about her favorite joke,  Mr. Tolly urged her to tell her Harry Potter joke. “Two boys are reading The Harry Potter…

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Spring Break Spirit!

The Hawk Herald Staff members set out to find the best dressed at Eastern for Hawaiian Spirit Day! The Hawk Herald wishes staff, students, and family a happy and safe spring break!

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What is FHE Doing For Spring Break?

The Hawk Herald sent out a poll to students to determine spring break destinations! Even with the photoshopped cover image above readers can tell that everyone, even staff will be enjoying their break as well. We received a great variety of answers from FHE students, and here are some of the most popular spring break activities: Where is Eastern Going? Almost forty percent of students said they were staying at home for spring break where…

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