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Spooky Season Movies! Here Are A Few FHE Peers Have To Suggest!

With Halloween right around the corner, we all could use a favorite Halloweenish movie. Looking for the perfect Halloween or “spooky” movie, The Hawk Herald has some tips: Lucy Dobson (’19)– Coraline Lilia Moore (’19)– The Nightmare Before Christmas  Claire Dylenski (’21)– Halloween Town  Carson Smith (’22)– Halloween  Bella Arnold (’22)– Hocus Pocus  Anastasia Anthony (‘21)- Goosebumps Jessica Armstrong (‘19)– The Nightmare Before Christmas  Isabel Nowak (’19)– Coraline  Komal Patel (‘22)-Halloween Town Hannah Bhaskaran (‘22)- The…

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10 DIY Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is just around the corner!   Like many people, maybe you haven’t even thought about a costume to wear. If you don’t already have a costume, here are some last-minute DIY costumes. A Cactus  For this costume you will need a green sweater, pipe cleaner,  and a flower headband. Then twist the pipe cleaner through the sweater.  Cereal Killer  Grab a white t-shirt, red paint, a sharpie, small cereal boxes, and plastic knives. Start with…

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Marie Catrib’s- The End of An Era

As you probably know, West Michigan has its fair share of local and delicious restaurants. A favorite of many, Marie Catrib’s, has been open for almost thirteen years. The original owner, Marie herself, grew up in Lebanon, and she used her upbringing for inspiration for her delicious, unique, and locally sourced menu items. She created a welcoming atmosphere, loved by many. Quirky art pieces cover the walls, and as many chairs and tables are packed…

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Bored? Here Are Fun Fall Things To Do Around Town

Colder weather, changing leaves, and a bit too much inside time at school! Good news, we’ve found the perfect solution to perfect fall weather in Michigan! There are plenty of fun fall things to occupy your not so busy days. The Big Apple at Robinettes featuring a fresh, homemade donut. Hot donuts, fresh cider, hay rides, walks through the apple orchard, and a corn maze, what could be better? Robinettes is the perfect place to…

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