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Welcome the Hawkcast!

The Hawkcast: Episode 1 Click the above text to view the episode! If you would like to be featured as a guest, please contact us at Episodes will be uploaded to every other Monday (tentatively).

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2020 Is Taylor’s Year: ‘Evermore’ Album Review

December 10th was a quiet and frankly normal day until Taylor Swift fans across the globe flew into a frenzy with the announcement that she’d be dropping her 9th studio album, evermore, at midnight. I was between zooms when I got a frenzied text from a friend relaying the news, and I just about burst into tears of joy. As announced by Taylor through an Instagram post, evermore is the sister record to the acclaimed…

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Hawks “Wrap” Up 2020 With Their Favorite Tunes

As dubbed by Spotify, 2020 has truly been the “longest year.” Yet, through all of the change, music has remained a constant for the Hawks of Forest Hills Eastern. With the annual arrival of playlists across a variety of music platforms comprised of listeners’ top songs, came a revisited wave of emotions and the commemoration of music and its importance through these chaotic times. “What a Friend” by Matt Maher: “This year was definitely weird. This…

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A Challenging Piece: the Music Department’s Struggle Against Corona

Most activities and hobbies we took for granted prior to COVID-19 have not been spared from the pandemic’s effects. Music, unfortunately is one of those. At Forest Hills Eastern, orchestra, band, and choir needed to approach the pandemic from the same angle—by implementing cautionary measures to keep germs contained and musicians safe. Each program has created and curated unique strategies in their battle against the virus. Orchestra was perhaps the most fortunate of the trio.…

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Mask Pollution

Mask-wearing has proven to be most effective in fighting the COVID-19 virus. While single-use disposable masks are more convenient for daily use, these masks serve as a major potential environmental risk. Disposable masks are unable to be recycled, and 75% of these masks end up in landfills and the world’s oceans. Disposable masks are made of thin layers of plastic, which eventually begin to break down, turning into microplastics. These microplastics have the potential to…

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“This Book Changed My Life”

While online learning has its setbacks, it has also provided Forest Hills Eastern students with at least one advantage: more free time at home. Many times, it can be easy for students to revert to screens for a break or some comfort after a long day of learning. This is completely understandable Hawks, but take this time to continue supplementing your minds! One of the best ways to do this is through reading. The following…

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How to Make Homemade Paper

With 85 million tons of paper waste produced per year, and 1 billion trees being destroyed for the paper industry, reusing paper is a great way to save resources. With a few easy steps, used paper can have another life. While there are many techniques and processes used for paper making, most have these simple steps.  A few items are needed to make recycled paper. Start by collecting any used paper in your possession. This…

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Games with James: A Halloween Treat

Halloween is characterized by wonders, free candy, and costumes. The game Costume Quest showcases this side of Halloween, allowing players to relive the joys associated with being a child on that sacred night. This review will use the standard set in the last article, with the acronym SGMG: “Some Guys Make Gangs.” For those who don’t remember what that means, it actually stands for Story, Gameplay, Music, and Graphics.  ~~~ Story: The story of Costume…

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Navigating “Normal”: An Open Letter to FHPS From Senior Members of The Hawk Herald Staff

By senior staff members of the Hawk Herald: As Superintendent Dan Behm and the Forest Hills Public Schools Administration proceed with the decision to move forward to full time face-to-face classes at FHPS, many students strongly believe that their concerns are not being heard or addressed. We are all navigating uncertain times, and we acknowledge that especially now it can be difficult to make decisions that affect our health and safety. As students, we believe…

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Games with James: My Crippling Addiction

Contrarily to my last two articles, I am writing this purely to express my love for tabletop games. In between gaming reviews, I will occasionally do tangential gaming articles as I take time to play and think over games that I will be reviewing, especially if the game I am planning to review is particularly time-consuming.  I should discuss the structure of this article before getting into the thick of it. This article isn’t going…

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