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Category: Eastern Eats

The Monthly (Not So) Monger: Charcu-turkey Board Edition

Cold air is setting in and leaves are falling from the trees. As October drew to a close, I spent quite some time figuring out what to do for this month’s arrangement. The most logical type of board I could come up with for the fall season would be something hearty and abundant. It needs to be full and eye-catching, leaving no room for leftovers. Unlike the candy-filled board last month, I added many more…

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More Cheese Please, October

It’s already the middle of October, and it’s a little too soon to start the November food arrangement. But there’s so much cheese to share in the meantime. A mid-month cheese display is the perfect solution. “More Cheese Please” is going to be a shorter segment about a few cheeses and something tasty to pair them with. It’s a better way to spotlight cheese and not include an entire board to distract from it. The…

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Southeast Asia’s Smelly Delicacy

What comes to mind when you think of eating your ideal fruit? The tasty inside? The appealing outside? The fragrant smell? How about a beat-up, greenish-looking fruit with spikes covering the outside and a smell so bad that countries have banned the fruit on public transport. I am, of course, talking about a durian, a fruit native to Southeast Asia and whose disgusting smell has made it banned in many public places such as markets,…

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The Monthly (Not So) Monger: Scary Dairy edition

This article marks the introduction of cheese to the Hawk Herald. To get things started I’d like to introduce myself and share why you should be interested in cheese.  Other than my occupation as a high school student, for over a year now I’ve been working at a grocery store called “Kingmas,” specifically in the cheese department. My department does all the slicing, sealing, and serving up of cheese. After a year’s worth of experience,…

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