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Author: Phoenix Holton

Phoenix Holton is a new senior this year at Forest Hills Eastern. Being his first year of working for the Hawk Herald, he hopes to make a good impression on his fellow peers. Eager to provide a unique take on the Hawk Herald, his ambitions are high. An avid videogame enthusiast and an aspiring programmer, his goals seem to be set for the digital world.

"Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way." - George S. Patton

Russian-Ukrainian Border Crisis Escalating Tensions

While the West has seen more conflicts over the situation with COVID-19 and political disagreements internally; the East, especially in Europe, has been plagued with issues far greater than the ongoing pandemic. This is felt strongest in Ukraine: a large Eastern European country that was a former Soviet-bloc state. In recent times, it seems that the Russian Federation has been setting its sights back on attacking its former territory. The State of Ukraine, a large…

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The Duelist of Eastern

Some people in our world struggle to choose and commit to a hobby, interest, or passion, often moving on and seeking something out. They can give up a spark that could turn into something more, forgetting about what could have been. However, this isn’t the case for a sophomore student here at Eastern named Max Gohsman. Born here in Grand Rapids, and growing up with various sports throughout his time at Orchard View and Eastern…

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