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Author: Olivia Benedict

- Senior 2022
- Cello + guitar
- Favorite book: Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse
- Favorite band: Cloud Cult
- Favorite color: Green
- Ideal career: nomad

Hawks v Wildcats: Soaring into the Playoffs

Cold night. Rain fell on the turf, creating a hazardous playing field for Eastern’s last home game of the season. Despite the weather and the quickly darkening sky, droves of students attended last Friday’s game. Not only that, but they also brought school spirit in the form of Halloween costumes. Looking into the stands, it was impossible to miss: a skeleton on someone’s shoulders, a Chucky-cheese mascot, and an astronaut among countless other costumes. The…

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Stadium lights shined down on the field, highlighting the players’ breaths as they competed in the cold last Friday. Forest Hills Eastern’s Varsity team wasn’t the least bit phased by the horrid weather. In this season, Eastern has faced heat waves, pouring rain, and freezing nighttime temperatures. Through it all, Eastern remained strong. Forest Hills Eastern gained a 28-13 victory over Kenowa Hills.  For those who were not able to attend the game last Friday,…

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Tackling the Loss

Forest Hills Eastern suffered a 13-37 defeat against South Christian last Friday night.   It was warm and raining last Friday night. The moon was a bright, yellow sliver in the sky.  The weather was dropping its pleasant feel, and temperatures were running high. Many of the students of Forest Hills Eastern were fighting some form of sickness, ranging from a head cold to mono. The football team was certainly no exception. So, with the…

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Hawks on the Rise

The stakes were high for the varsity football team last Friday. The entire student population was in the stands, eagerly awaiting the announcement of Homecoming King and Queen. Students and parents who would usually be home came to the game, causing the parking lot to fill and overflow into the soccer fields. The night was warm and humid, starting at 74 degrees, with the occasional leaf falling onto the spectators. As the night progressed, it…

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The Anatomy of a Solid Backpacking Trip

The Anatomy of a Solid Backpacking Trip: The Manistee River Loop Edition Are you tired of driving hours to a campground, only to realize you’ve forgotten something? Did you forget to reserve a campsite (or are you like me and don’t plan ahead, or you don’t want to commit to a spot without seeing it first)? Do you want to know what to look out for when hiking a trail for the first time? Do…

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Lose the Battle, Win the War

“You can’t win them all,” said Mr. Wysocki after the conclusion of the game, gazing across the field. He packed away the coaching headsets as the high school players gathered in a circle on the field, reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of the night’s game. Forest Hills Eastern suffered a 23-54 defeat against Cedar Springs last Friday.  Students and staff both attended the away game at Cedar Springs last Friday. They showed up in full…

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The Epic Highs and Lows of High School Football

It was a gorgeous evening, wisps of clouds backlighting the setting sun. Thornapple Kelloggs’ stands had a small home student section clothed in neon, overshadowed by Eastern’s supporters seated on the visitor’s side, adorned in hippie attire. A forty-minute drive through numerous cornfields did nothing to dampen school spirit. Tommy Sypien (’22), a player on the varsity football team, mentioned that “a big student section is always a positive thing.” Numerous students showed up to…

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Samantha Garvin: Plant Whisperer

Does anyone know how to keep a plant alive and well for more than two weeks? I haven’t figured it out. Maybe you’re like me, and you can’t keep a plant alive to save your life. No matter how much sunlight, water, or fertilizer poured into the confines of my flower pots, the plants I own always seem to wilt. What am I doing wrong? Frustrated by my failure, I decided to seek out the…

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