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Author: Lilia Moore

Lilia Moore is a senior at Forest Hills Eastern. This is her second year as a part of journalism. Next year she is planning on attending missions school and visiting India and Nepal for short term missions trips.
"If I were off my rocker, would I take a weekly selfie with my cat? -Winston Bishop, "New Girl"

Who is Fashion Forward at FHE?

Clothes are an outlet individuals use to express ourselves. Each person has a unique style that shows a little bit of the individual. In honor of the red carpet, the Hawk Herald asked students to share favorite fashionistas of FHE. A survey asking students to identify high style was sent out to the FHE student body to offer up the most fashionable of FHE’s. Individuality is key! Below are students who had two or more votes,…

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Who are people crushing on at Eastern?

From kindergarten to now everyone has had at least one crush. When we were in kindergarten our crush was based on the kid who could run the fastest or who had the coolest toy. Now it depends more on personality, religion, sexuality, and looks. Or maybe it is just for fun. Crushes are fun to have, but it is even more fun to find out if someone has a crush on you. The top five…

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Gabi Sleeman- The “Hippie of FHE”

Gabi Sleeman is a senior here at FHE. She has been involved in varsity sideline cheer for the past four years, but she is involved in many more interesting activities outside of the classroom. “I have been apart of sideline cheer for the past four years, I feed the homeless every Thursday with my aunt Downtown, and I volunteer at the Humane Society a few times a week.” Gabi’s ambition to give back is inspiring…

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What Eastern Is Thankful For

Thanksgiving has passed us, and the holiday seasons are just around the corner. The Hawk Herald went around Eastern to see what the Hawks are thankful for this holiday season.  Alex Zheng (‘19)- My rights as an American. Stephanie Tolly (‘21) – That I grew an inch! Elijah Valeros (‘20)- My car, wait, change that to Kelsey! Harrison Centner (‘20)- The schools positivity & Hundred Grand candy bars. Madison Mossner (‘19)- Lucy Dobson and Quizlet.…

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A Star Is Born- The Tearjerker No One Was Expecting

Walking into this movie, the tears were already flowing.  It is a story of fame, broken love, and trial. Bring. Your. Tissues. Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) is a seasoned musician. He looks like he has it all, the looks, the money, the fame. Behind the scenes, he is an avid drinker and drug abuser. After a concert, there was heavy traffic so he stopped at a bar where he discovered- and falls in love with- the…

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The Costume Scandal

Leading up to Halloween week, FHE students were repeatedly told NOT to wear costumes to school on Halloween. We were told on ETV, over our emails, and even on our website, FHE Administration put out reminders to not wear costumes. During sixth hour on Halloween Eve,  the public address came on and stated,  “FHE Staff and Students were now allowed to wear costumes!” It was a shock to everyone, including the teachers. With one night to…

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When Is the Right Time To Start Listening to Christmas Music?

Christmas music. When is the right time to start listening to it? Walking through Meijer or any store, right now, the holiday decor and sounds overpower shoppers, yet we haven’t made it to Halloween!  It seems to be a controversial topic around this time of year. Should we start listening before Thanksgiving, or maybe before Halloween? Or is that too early, and should we not start listening to it before December?  If the band starts rehearsing…

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Keep your eye out for the Ada Witch

Around Halloween, the stories of ghosts and ghouls are resurrected to put us all in the Halloween spirit! One famously known spirited story here at FHE is the story of Ada Witch. Teens and paranormal hunters attempt to catch a glimpse of her when fall and specifically, October, rolls around. There are multiple videos on Youtube of people pursuing the Ada Witch and in some videos, a glimpse of her can be seen. The legend…

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Local Donut Shops Worth Visiting

In celebration of fall, The Hawk Herald staff visited local donut shops. Instead of waiting in the line stretching past the road at Robinette’s, try some of these less well-known shops that are worth just the same amount of praise. Sprinkles Donut Shop  Perched in the midst of the developing metropolis that is downtown Ada, is the shop, Sprinkles. A donut shop that features specialized coffees and donuts. Walking in, we could tell that Sprinkles…

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Puppy Mills- Not as Innocent As It Sounds

Walking into the pet store, I am automatically drawn to the adorable puppies fighting for attention. I swoon over their big puppy eyes, how small they are and their playful nature. I instantly fall in love and feel like I have found my new companion. These little puppies seem so innocent and little, but the story of how they were conceived is not innocent or little. “Gloved hands reach in to pull the purebred Yorkie…

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