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Author: Kevin Pliml

Kevin Pliml is a current senior at Forest Hills Eastern, and growing up with an older sister who was a teacher has inspired him to write. Growing up, Kevin was fascinated with fiction; reading books by Patrick Rothfuss, Pierce Brown, and J. R. R. Tolkien.
"Not all those who wander are lost." - Tolkien

Eastern Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Former Forest Hills Eastern student, Kathryn Pliml, who graduated high school in 2010, has put in a great deal of work to be where she is now. Pliml is currently two years away from earning her Ph.D. in social work and has applied for a research grant to be able to employ multiple people and write about unfair conditions in women’s prisons, covering topics from the prisons being built on architectural brown zones to sexual…

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Ball pythons may be royalty, but it is probably not the best idea to purchase a king-sized bed for your ball python. These snakes have specific preferences in terms of their substrate such as EcoEarth, Cypress mulch, coconut husk, and Aspen shavings. All of these beddings have certain pros and cons when it comes to snake care. They vary in levels of humidity, absorption, and even basic comfort on the snake’s scales.  Most snakes require…

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The “Royal” Python

One may be asking themselves, “What is a good exotic starter pet for me?” The answer might not be what one expects.  Ball pythons are one of the most common pet snakes for any reptile owner and were once worn by ancient royalty. The royals would have them wrapped around their necks which led to the snakes’ title of “Royal” pythons. They are fairly docile and simple to care for once you have the habitat…

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Burning Steel: an Intro to Welding

Tables, chairs, skyscrapers, cars, ovens, and billboards. What do these all have in common? Welding. The smell of burning steel, stinging sparks flying in the air, the deafening roar of the electrode as it burns down to a nub. Welding is an art capitalized on by fabricators and construction workers, but what most people don’t know is that welding only refers to one process: heating a metal until it reaches its melting point which combines…

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Music Man – Manuel Rose

Former tennis player and current musician, high school senior Manuel Rose is a force to be reckoned with. The youngest in a family of seven, Manuel (Manny) strives to do and be the best he can.  Growing up in such a large family, Manny felt pressured to be his best and to strive to be better. With the pressure of older siblings, he knew that to mark his place within his family, he would have…

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