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Author: Kennedy Pfeiffle

Kennedy Pfeiffle is a senior. This is her first year in Journalism. Next year she hopes to go to Columbia College in Chicago, to continue studying dance.
"The only problem is, whenever I try to make a taco, I get too excited and crush it." -Kevin Malone, The Office

The Trend of Being Fake

Social media has grown to be a part of the backbone of our society; a day-to-day necessity for millennials and older generations alike. This platform has grown in recent years and rooted itself in our daily lives. This outlet has become a crucial source for validation, information, and sharing one’s life. A soap-box for information; it promotes individualism, yet propagates negative social standards. This leads to a vicious cycle of constant disappointment. Being one’s self…

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Daniel Kurylo: Theatre Extrordinaire

Athlete. Theatre star. Friendly face, and standard senioritis victim. Daniel Kurylo, ‘19, is an addition to the 2018 trend of not sleeping, not eating, and yet still managing to survive high school. Balancing sports such as football, and track, while participating in the arts is no easy feat for anyone. Daniel is a constant presence in the theatre productions at FHE.  Whether it be a play or musical, his smiling face graces the stage with…

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FHE Theatre: “I Hate Shakespeare”

Every fall the students of FHE put on a fall play. These plays range from tragedies, to full-blown comedic geniuses. This year was no exception, parodying the works of the great William Shakespeare. The “I Hate Shakespeare” play allowed for students and adults alike to transcend into their former trauma, high school and college English class. Many recall Shakespeare simply as a jumble of old-English words that make no sense to the average mind, but…

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Parking is a Privilege

Thirty-five dollars – That is the cost for a student to park on the campus of Forest Hills Eastern. Students recently have become outraged at the latest crack down on parking permits. If one does not have the parking permit, one may walk out to the car and find a new addition of a fifty dollar ticket, blowing in the breeze, and awaiting students’ arrival while perched atop the windshield. Realistically, anyone who has been…

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Michigan State vs. Michigan

A game nearly as big as the Super Bowl. Stirring up controversy and feuds as old as time itself. Michigan vs Michigan State. The two rivals went up in arms this past weekend, resulting in another notch into Michigan’s belt. Winning with a lead of 21 to 7, the bets were settled and punishment was given.  I wondered about the origins of FHE students’ love of either Michigan or Michigan State and “fandom” for their…

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The Anthem

The 60s, an era desiring peace. It was an era that made reforms and shaped counterculture. During the 1960s-70s the youth of America discovered they had a voice. Not only did they realize that they could stand up for what they believed in, but they discovered that they were actually making a difference. This was in part credit to many inspirational leaders such as the musician Janis Joplin, preaching songs of rebellion. The most influential…

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Small Foot, Big Impact

Above the clouds on an icy mountaintop, hidden from the world below is a society that refutes all criticism. Perched atop that frigid peak is Yeti. The animated children’s film Small Footis a movie that flips the urban legend of humans searching for Big Foot, completely upside down. In this film, the main Yeti, Migo, lives with his father in a cave and dreams of taking over the family business of ringing the gong every…

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Read or Watch?

Orange is the new Black I recently read the memoir Orange is the new Black by Piper Kerman. Piper Kerman is an American woman who was indicted of money-laundering in 1998. After pleading guilty she was sentenced 15 months to a minimum security prison in Danbury, Connecticut. Many are familiar with the show, but most are unaware of the book. I stumbled upon this book as I was browsing the aisles at the library. After…

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The Artist Within

By Kennedy Pfeiffle Meet Ella Bowen This is Ella Bowen, she is a sophomore and has a hidden talent…She is an amazing artist! When asked how long she has been captivated by this skill or hobby, she said “I’ve been doing art the second I came out of the womb, at least that’s what I always say.” She has no artistic limits, she enjoys creating things, whether it is sewing, videography, drawing, writing music, or even…

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