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Author: Julian Zolenski

Julian Zolenski is a sophomore at Forest Hills Eastern. This is his first year being on the Hawk Herald Staff. In his free time, Julian enjoys play time with his dog, Video games, sports and spending time with friends. Right now Julian has aspirations of doing something in broadcasting. “Winning requires all of you and then more and promises you nothing…” - Lewis Caralla

Sophisticated Science: Science Olympiad

Hey Eastern, continuing the coverage of the diverse extracurriculars at FHE, I got to sit down with Adam Rhodes (‘24) to talk about Science Olympiad. The teamwork involved in the extracurriculars at FHE has continued to amaze me and Science Olympiad is no exception. Adam revealed to me all the opportunities that Science Olympiad has to offer, with special attention to the teamwork and the topics covered in the club. Science Olympiad is a yearly…

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Mastering the Art of the Student Section

What makes a student section what it is? I found myself asking that question this week as I tackled this article. Student sections are a vital part of any school’s sports fanbase. From high school to college the student section is something you just can’t replace. Fortunately, I was able to get a clear picture by asking some of our student body members what makes Eastern’s student section the coolest place to be on Friday…

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Southeast Asia’s Smelly Delicacy

What comes to mind when you think of eating your ideal fruit? The tasty inside? The appealing outside? The fragrant smell? How about a beat-up, greenish-looking fruit with spikes covering the outside and a smell so bad that countries have banned the fruit on public transport. I am, of course, talking about a durian, a fruit native to Southeast Asia and whose disgusting smell has made it banned in many public places such as markets,…

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Buckle Up: Model United Nations is Here!

This week, I got the chance to sit down with current FHE sophomore Andrew Dylenski (24), who is a part of Model United Nations. I did not know much about MUN until Drew filled me in. He stated, “It’s kind of a nice way for students to collaborate, work against each other, [and] work as a team with your school.” Although last year’s season was cut short due to the pandemic, Drew expects MUN to…

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Season Splashed Sideways

Many sports rely on reliable weather to be played. If it’s rainy, snowy, or stormy, outdoor sports will often be canceled. Tennis is no exception to this, and this year especially, bad weather prevented many tennis matches from being played. If the courts are wet, it poses a danger to the player. “When rain is on the courts, it basically makes the game unplayable,” Jaxon, a sophomore on Eastern’s JV tennis team, described to me.…

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Chemistry on the Court

In high school, we have to work with groups of people that we don’t know very well. To accomplish our tasks, we have to find a way to click and work together.  This philosophy is the same for the tennis court, and it’s one that JV tennis player Logan Dann (’24) is learning all about. JV tennis only does doubles, unlike varsity which has both singles and doubles. Logan Dann, who is playing on JV…

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