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Author: Josephine Ness

Josie Ness is a junior at FHE and is excited for her first year as a part of the Hawk Herald staff. She is on the swim and basketball team and is a co-founder of the Spanish Club.
"I have flaws. What are they? I sing in the shower. Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering. Occasionally I'll hit somebody with my car." -Michael Scott

Superintendent Dan Behm Makes the Controversial Decision to Cancel School for All of March

Superintendent Dan Behm cancels school for the entire month of March in response to a second petition online. “When it comes down to it, it’s really about my clout of Twitter,” Mr. Behm remarks, on his decision to gift students with a full month off of school. The aforementioned petition exceeded the signature count of the first exponentially, reaching over 10,000 signatures and counting. Forest Hills’ students gathered support from around the country, citing student…

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Meet FHE’s New In-School Sheriff

Deputy Kresten Green recently became a familiar face at FHE. As the school’s Kent County School Resource Officer, he plays a major role in the districts new collaborative effort between schools, communities, students, and law enforcement to increase safety and communication. Before working at FHE, Deputy Green visited schools and did presentations in schools with the sheriff’s department. He worked as a road patrol officer for eight years and a canine officer before that. As a road patrol officer,…

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Last Minute Exam Survival Guide

It’s everyone’s favorite week of the semester — exam week! In the final week of the semester, the optimal coping strategy is preparation. Here are some tips to ensure that you are adequately prepared. Know the semester 1 exam schedule 2019 and plan to study accordingly. Calculate the exam score that you need to maintain or reach your desired grade in each class. The high school’s final weight is 15% and the middle school’s is 10%. The exam scores…

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Hayden Foote: A Rapture for Wrestling

Fifteen minutes of conditioning, one hour of drilling takedowns and turns, and thirty minutes of live wrestling matches. The wrestling team, led by captains Hayden Foote, Joseph Doherty, and Gabe Hassan, practices six days per week from December through March. Intense practices, limited diets, and talented coaches and athletes construct a formidable team. Two years in a row, the boys wrestling team at FHE has placed second at conference. This year, they plan to win.…

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Deciphering Kanye West’s Most Confusing Political Statements

Kanye West, famous for his rap music and his marriage to reality star Kim Kardashian, has always been opinionated. Lately, he has been facing more controversy than usual as a result of his support for President Trump and his comments on topics like dragons, slavery, and the universe.   Kanye expressed his support for President Trump for the first time in a tweet last April that read: “you don’t have to agree with trump but the…

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Cedric Steed: Parking Lots

Cedric Rose Steed, the lead singer and guitarist of Parking Lots, played his first live show Saturday night. Cedric Steed has been playing with his current band Parking Lots for about 6 months. Before joining Parking Lots, Cedric was a member of the bands Wealthy and Diamond and Catch of the Century. After leaving Catch of the Century, Cedric and Catch of the Century’s guitar player Zach began working on original music. They recruited Bradley—who…

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Lil Naan: Did he leave his rapping days in middle school?

Nanda Murali, an ex-aspiring rapper, may be officially done with his rap career. Nanda, aka Lil Naan, has been making rap music for his loyal followers on SoundCloud since December of last year. His first piece was a collaboration with Eastern alumni Yangster. Nanda said that it was “just for fun” and that he “didn’t realize it would blow up.” The surge in popularity within his grade at Eastern was totally unexpected by Nanda. “I…