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Author: Hope Noyes

Hope Noyes, is a senior at FHE. She enjoys the art of cheese and many types of food. At home Hope pursues a passion of figure skating along side her friends. She likes to spend time with friends who share similar interests like anime, writing, and long boarding. In her spare time she works with cheese, spurring the love for the idea of cheese.

Getting Thrifty: Stylish but Sustainable Shopping

Each year, humans generate 14-16 million tons of textile/clothing waste. More recently, popular online companies like SHIEN, AliExpress, and Wish have promoted fast fashion, increasing these numbers significantly. The mass production of cheap-material clothes and easy access to them online is causing serious damage by adding to the waste. Have you ever bought a bunch of clothes online and never worn them? Maybe they’re not the right size, or just didn’t turn out how you…

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A Sign of Things to Come: ASL is on the Rise at Eastern

American Sign Language (ASL) is a language elective at Eastern offered all the way up to ASL four. Only a few years back, it was expanded to include the higher-level courses of three and four. Since the expansion of ASL, the overall size of the classes have exploded. Ms. Rachel Whitmore has been teaching the class at Eastern for 5 years and has seen a significant increase in students since her start at Eastern. From…

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More Cheese Please, October

It’s already the middle of October, and it’s a little too soon to start the November food arrangement. But there’s so much cheese to share in the meantime. A mid-month cheese display is the perfect solution. “More Cheese Please” is going to be a shorter segment about a few cheeses and something tasty to pair them with. It’s a better way to spotlight cheese and not include an entire board to distract from it. The…

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Collections Around Eastern

Collections come in all shapes and sizes, each with a unique style and backstory. As I know from my own experience with collections, they are often started in the spur of the moment and slowly grow until those without proper insight into such matters may refer to them as a hoard. The time and money it takes to continuously collect is what makes collectors a dedicated bunch. Let’s find out what sort of collections are…

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The Monthly (Not So) Monger: Scary Dairy edition

This article marks the introduction of cheese to the Hawk Herald. To get things started I’d like to introduce myself and share why you should be interested in cheese.  Other than my occupation as a high school student, for over a year now I’ve been working at a grocery store called “Kingmas,” specifically in the cheese department. My department does all the slicing, sealing, and serving up of cheese. After a year’s worth of experience,…

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Best Done as a Team

  The Girls Varsity FHE cross country team remains undefeated this fall season. The Boys Varsity team, while not undefeated, has been on the podium for a majority of their races. Through dedicated training and outstanding performances at meets, this year’s lineup of athletes has more than earned their shot at states. Currently, the Girls are ranked second in the statewide D2 bracket. While these stats are impressive, the secret to their success is simpler…

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Cooking with a Pinch of Purpose

Oftentimes people try their hand at cooking: whether it’s a piece of toast or a full course meal, but cooking isn’t for everyone. For Nathan Parish (‘22), who is an amateur chef, cooking is the most tasteful hobby out there. Nathan enjoys cooking various types of meals and experimenting with dishes. But like any other cook, he had to start somewhere. When asked about his beginnings, Nathan said that he started out with easy foods…

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