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Author: Carson Patten

Carson Patten is a senior at Forest Hills Eastern high school. This is his first year being on the Hawk Herald. He enjoys attending sporting events for his school, baseball, hanging out with friends, and keeping up with current events. As of now, Carson hopes to study law and political science in college. "There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still."- President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Parent Petition Disrupts Community

  In recent weeks, disgruntled Forest Hills parents, part of a group called JUST, have started a petition to remove five out of the seven Board of Education members for Forest Hills. The complaint raised among the community centers on the Board’s rules and conduct during the pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic has led the school to institute some unpopular decisions, and our school board is not immune to the nationwide frustrations that are directed at…

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SCOTUS Suits Up For Battle

Note: This is not a representation of what Forest Hills or the Hawk Herald believes, it is an opinion piece by the author. The United States Supreme Court is starting its next term, and there are some key issues on the docket. It is expected for the supreme court to review numerous significant issues, such as the right to an abortion (established by Roe v. Wade), gun control laws, religious freedoms, and free speech.  The…

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Too Big a Hole, How do We Dig Ourselves Out?

It is the pandemic that has been going on since the Industrial Revolution. It is not a human disease but a global one. Global warming has been plaguing our way of life and has worsened in the last few decades. Most of us cannot see significant changes in climate and therefore choose blind ignorance. After all, admitting we have a problem and working towards a solution is a workload we don’t want to bear. However,…

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Fighting to the End

The evening began with cool temperatures and clear skies. Eastern’s JV football team faced off against Thornapple Kellog. “We were very optimistic going in,” said Head Coach Cameron Wysocki. Eastern’s team fought to the very end to keep Thornapple at bay. The game ended with a score of 26-26. The team’s spirit, regardless of the tie, was never in short supply. Members of Eastern’s varsity team cheered them on from the sidelines.  The game began…

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Democracy Dies in Darkness

Note: This article does not represent the views or beliefs of Forest Hills Public Schools. This is an opinion piece by the author. Recently there has been a recall election in California for Governor Gavin Newsom. With the plethora of misinformation and dangerously dividing rhetoric in our government, some people felt the need to remove the Governor. The law in California makes it significantly easier for its officials to be recalled compared to most states.…

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Southland Supports School Spirit

“The start of the school year has shaped up to be a collection of interest and positivity”  Braden Southland, a senior at FHE, stated.  With the last two years being shadowed by the recent pandemic, students are more keen than ever to put themselves out there and join with others to increase collaboration and social interaction. Because of virtual learning and social distancing, people were not able to interact face to face with one another,…

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