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Author: Anna Alt

Anna Alt is a sophomore at Forest Hills Eastern. This is her first year being on the Hawk Herald Staff. Outside of school she enjoys rowing and playing the piano, which she has been doing for eleven years. In her free time, she loves to read, write, and spend time with her friends, family, and bird, Summer. As of now, Anna hopes to study in college to become a pediatrician. “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” - Dolly Parton

The Origin of Quiggle and Quibble

Since Eastern is known as the ‘Home of the Hawks’, many people expect a hawk to be the mascot of the Eastern rowing. However, they will be surprised to find out that it isn’t; in fact, the mascot has nothing to do with hawks. And there’s not just one, but two mascots for the crew team. The crew team practices on the Grand River every weekday and rows past beautiful houses, trees, and farms. Most…

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Rowing Through the Storm

Last Sunday the crew team traveled up north for the annual Leelanau regatta. Due to last year’s disrupted COVID season, many of the rowers had never been to this particular regatta. But, thanks to the alumni rowers’ encouragement, this year’s team was looking forward to the races. However, once arriving at Lake Leelanau early Sunday morning, after waking up at five in the morning, many rowers lost the excitement they had felt only a few…

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Full Swing to First – Eastern’s Golf Team Wins Regionals

Yesterday, Eastern’s Varsity Women’s Golf Team played at the Regional meet in Cadillac. The stakes were high for the team; they knew that they had to place within the top three in order to make it to the state tournament that will take place next week. However, the team had confidence that their skill would be enough to keep up with the other schools. Not only did they keep up, but they also pulled ahead…

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The Tides Turn for the FHNE Swim Team

Tuesday night at six, the Forest Hills Northern Eastern swim team prepared to go against Forest Hills Central. The FHNE swim team hadn’t had a victory against FHC in several years, but that would soon change later in the evening. As swimmers climbed the diving blocks and took their positions, the remaining teammates flocked to the opposite end of the pool, eager to cheer on the racers. On the balcony above, the parents and students…

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“Devious Licks” – A TikTok Trend Rises

A new trend has taken the internet by storm. After emerging on the app TikTok, acts of vandalism known as “Devious Licks” targeted numerous schools across the country, including our own high school. “Devious Licks” consists of going through a school and vandalizing school property. This vandalism ranges from writing on the bathroom walls in fake blood made of Kool-Aid, to ripping off soap dispensers and throwing them in urinals. While only on the internet,…


Teeing Off To Third – Girls Golf Takes Home Bronze

The Forest Hills Eastern golf team is off to a fresh start after coming back from last year’s hectic schedule. During the COVID-19 pandemic many sports, including golf, were disrupted. This meant their practices, matches, and tournaments were shuffled around. But after an uncertain year, the Eastern golf team has shot off into a new season. This Monday, September 20, the girls’ varsity golf team played at Quail Ridge. The golf match was not a…

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Serving Advice To Gain The Advantage

The Forest Hills Eastern women’s tennis team is home to many distinctive athletes. Players come from different backgrounds and cultures: all with unique stories of their own. Local sophomore, Rishika Kokkula, is a prime example of this.  Rishika has been playing tennis since she was eight years old. Throughout the years, she has expanded her skill set and joined the Forest Hills Eastern tennis team during her freshman year of high school. “We were all…

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