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Water: the Basis of Life

Water. The simple bare necessity of life. Trees, bushes, cacti, and humans all have one thing in common: they need water to survive. Water occupies 71% of the earth’s surface, but don’t forget about how much water there is in the air, in plastic water bottles, and hidden underground. Humans like you and me need water to survive the day. But, if you wanted to get risky and not drink water, you would have approximately 72 hours left to live (which is three days).

Did you know that your brain is 75% water? Other cool scientific facts are that its boiling point is 212℉ and its molar mass is 18.01528 g/mol. 

I myself conducted a science experiment involving 14 test subjects. I sent each subject a Google form to fill out their most preferred water source (they can vote for more than one type of water). The 14 options were as follows: Dasani, Aquafina, Smartwater, Fiji, Life Wtr, Essentia, Arrowhead, fountain water from a park, fountain water from Forest Hills Eastern, water that comes from a pond, water from Adelee’s water bottle, water from Ava’s water bottle, sink water, and Hunter’s water.

Smartwater pulled ahead with 6 votes. This is not surprising because the luxurious taste of the freshwater entering your mouth is unmatched. Next is Fiji Water and Life Wtr tied with four votes each. Finally coming in solid third place were Adelee’s water and Ava’s water. Data collected from experiment.

Despite Hunter’s water being almost last, I think we all know that Hunter’s water is the best water. There was a flaw in this data because I definitely forgot to add Hunter’s water until later so only a few people got to vote for his water. 

In the end, water is a nutritious choice for your consumption. When you’re given a choice between a slushie or water, always choose the water. 

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