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Vaseline, Aquaphor, or Chapstick

Living in Michigan everyone has something in their backpack or pocket to moisten their lips when they get dried out. The question remains, which is the best form of lip jelly? I have set out to find the best, the ultimate moisturizer. Of the 43 students and teachers that answered the survey, Aquaphor and Vaseline tied for 1st, and going dry lost by a huge margin. Vaseline and Aquaphor had 16 votes each (37.2%). Lip Balm had 9 votes (20.9%). No Vaseline, Aquaphor, or Chapstick had 2 votes (4.7%).   

Vaseline is the OG of moisturizers dating back to 1865. Vaseline can be used to hold fragrance longer, once you spray your perfume or cologne put some Vaseline on to hold the scent. It can be used to tame frizzy hair and it heals split ends. Instead of using highlighter, you could use Vaseline, not highlighters for paper makeup highlighter. Just dampen a washcloth and put Vaseline on makeup stains and it will go away after a little bit of scrubbing. Vaseline can be used as a natural mascara and it makes your eyes look fuller. Are your dogs, and feet, constantly drying out, the solution for you is Vaseline. Although Vasaline may seem amazing there are some flaws to its perfection. Vaseline could clog your pores which leads to more pimples. Vaseline also has a very heavy and greasy feel, so you cannot use it too much. The main downside, especially in Michigan, is Vasaline could dry out your skin if the outside moister isn’t regular. Eden Hostteter (‘25) says, “Vaseline is my savior,” as you can see Eden is a big fan of Vaseline.  

Aquaphor is one of the most popular and available skin products in markets today. Aquaphor is also safe to apply to the skin. Aquaphor has been known to be used by celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Nicole Kidman, and Zendaya. Aquaphor could also be used to heal injured skin, including recently tatted skin. A huge downside to using Aquaphor is your lips could burn in the sun. Senior Natalie Windemuller’s lips swelled on spring break because she wore Aquaphor in the sun. Naomi Lindner (‘25) says, “Aquaphor is the better option though Vaseline is nasty and greasy.” It’s obvious she does not like Vaseline. Many don’t see the difference between Vasalinne and Aquaphor but there is a difference. Aquaphor has lanolin, an ingredient that is harvested from sheep’s wool. Many students told me they had a hard time choosing between Vaseline and Aquaphor, especially senior Sarah Zaruba who said “I love Vaseline and Aquaphor.”

Lip Balm can be used to color the lips and it can be used as an amazing lip primer. Like the others, it moisturizes your lips and heals chapped lips. Unlike Aquaphor, Chapstick protects your lips from the sun and doesn’t hurt them more. And If you get a good-smelling one it could make you hungry. Chapstick could make your lips more chapped and it doesn’t contain all the healing ingredients and Vaseline and Aquaphor. Bethany Narducci (‘25) wants everyone to know she likes Burt’s Bees and not the name-brand chapstick 

I couldn’t find any upsides to not using anything and just licking your lips through the day but the downsides are you won’t get any of the upsides of Aquaphor, Vaseline, or lip Balm 

Lucy Cobb (‘23) refused to choose a favorite because “they are all really bad for you, the petroleum jelly, you should instead use coconut oil, just make your own.” She said that all the other options are awful for your lips and they do more harm than good. She doesn’t use store-bought lip moisturizers she makes her own. To make your own you can go on Pinterest or Google and look up a recipe. Or ask Lucy Cobb for a recipe.      

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