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The First Years of Forest Hills Eastern

What was it like when our school first opened? In 2004, students from Forest Hills Northern and Central branched off to join the newly formed Forest Hills Eastern. For the first few years, families were given a choice if they wanted to leave or not. Some found it hard to leave the school that they were used to. In Eastern’s first year, there was no senior class. Instead, they had a small junior class and larger freshman and sophomore classes.

Mr. Vandenberg (Chemistry and Forensic Science) explains how during the first year of running, Eastern’s varsity football team consisted mostly of sophomores. He then described that Eastern didn’t have a football field yet, despite having a varsity team. When the teams needed to use the field, they would drive over to Central or Northern to borrow theirs.

Ms. Brasic describes how teaching at Eastern in the early days was “chaotic, but fun and entertaining.” She explains how the doors to the school didn’t have locks, so the school had to hire security for outside of the building. Eastern also had only one principal for both the middle school and the high school. 

Forest Hills Eastern has drastically changed in the past 19 years. There are also many teachers who are still teaching at Eastern and have been since its opening. If you have any questions about the beginnings of our great school, feel free to ask them!

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