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Ice Cream!

Ice cream is really good. Because it’s almost summer and it’s finally getting to be a decent temperature outside, ice cream can be the heart of the conversation once again. In officially less than one month, you might be sitting on the sunny beach in Grand Haven with a giant Pump House frozen yogurt bowl in hand. 

There are many places one could go to purchase ice cream. One example could simply be Meijer. But others might want more of an experience with eating ice cream, leading them to go to a more local place. There are many options when it comes to local ice cream shops: Scoopers, Frosty Boy, Pump House, and Furniture City Creamery are some of the main stops in the Grand Rapids area. Personally, I would like to try Furniture City Creamery because I imagine it has great seating options available to enjoy your ice cream. 

There are so many different flavors of ice cream from chocolate all the way to cheese (yup, cheese-flavored ice cream). Let’s take a look at the top ten ice cream flavors from across the globe: 

  1. Vanilla
  2. Chocolate
  3. Mint Chocolate Chip
  4. Cookie Dough
  5. Buttered Pecan
  6. Neapolitan
  7. Banana
  8. Toffee
  9. Caramel
  10. Dark Chocolate

Apart from these original flavors, there are also many exotic and unique flavors out there too. For example, Kayla Decker (25) passionately loves Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Dough by Ben & Jerry’s. Naomi Lindner’s (‘25) favorite ice cream flavors are both coconut and honey lavender. I’ve tried a hotdog-flavored ice cream one time in Chicago. Let me tell you, it was not pleasant. I thought it was vanilla, but when I took a bite of it, it tasted like hot dogs! No matter the flavor, ice cream is always a good idea, so be sure to go out and crush some this summer!

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