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How to Pass/Finish your Online Class

Do you want to take a class but the school doesn’t offer it? Do you need a class that doesn’t mess up your schedule? The answer to all your problems is found in room A101. This classroom is an online classroom that is filled with students fulfilling their dreams. If you need to take an Advanced Placement (AP) class but you cannot fit it into your schedule, this would be the classroom for you. Do you want to get better at photography but there are no classes offered at Eastern? If you were taking a language freshman year but then the teacher was fired and you have to continue the class but there is no teacher to teach you, head on over to A101 to expand your worldly knowledge. Bryce Hansle Wilker is the educationalist that leads and protects the online classroom all hours of the day. Mr. Wilker is often known to go by the nickname Bruce. The nickname originated from his name being misspelled when he first came to the school and the name stuck, now he will forever be known as Bruce. Bruce is not only a teacher he is an instructor of the FHE Football and Freshman baseball team. Bruce is yet another reason to take an online course because of his bubbly and inviting personality. Freshman Aiden – is taking an online class next year and she says, “I’m super excited to be with my friend Lilly Russell and we are going to have so much fun and be so spooky.” Another reason to take an online class is to hang out with friends or meet new ones along the way.  

Suppose you are doing or have done an online course you know how hard it can be to stay on task. Many things like other homework, online games, friends, or classroom golf courses can easily distract you from your work. The hardest part about online classes is ensuring you stay on task. If you have somehow managed to fall behind in your online classes (most people do), I am here to help with tips and tricks to finish your online class. Junior Melat Perberg is taking Intro to Hospitality and Tourism on Michigan Virtual. As of last week, Melat was 1% done she had only submitted one assignment. Melat got to her work when Mr. Wilker promised to shave his head if she finished her class. In order to help her Melat made a slideshow of all the assignments she still has to do, kind of like a timeline for her work. Melat says “If you procrastinate you can still get it done but it stinks.” Two tips are to set a goal each day and give yourself a reward for completing class, that way you will be motivated to finish. Another tip for finishing your class on time is to use your class time wisely do not get distracted by the other fun thing happening in the room. Keep in mind you can work on your class outside of school, if you are behind I highly recommend going to the library over the weekend to grind out all the work you missed. It is very easy to get pulled into the vortex of procrastination, so just make sure you stay up on your work then you are ready for your online adventure. 

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