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Congratulations, Seniors!

Seniors, your time has come! Graduation is near and you have one more day. How does it feel to be done? However exciting this time may be, it is imperative that you still make sure that you have everything you need to graduate. 

Make sure to request to send your final transcript to whatever college you plan to attend. Also, remember to keep your phone out of sight so you can stay exempted from exams. If you are taking exams, there is another article on the Hawk Herald with information on how to best study!


Seniors, here is a list of days that you need to write on your calendar:

May 12 – Senior Recognition: There is a dress code! Refer to the document Mrs. Pallo sent in your email to know what you can and cannot wear to this formal ceremony at Eastern High School. 

May 15 – Senior Breakfast: This will be at Applebees on the East Beltline at 8:15 in the morning. This event is completely optional, but will be a great opportunity for hanging out with friends before you head off on your separate journeys!

May 15 – Commencement Rehearsal: This will be held at 10 am and MUST be attended by every member of the graduating class. This practice will run for two hours and is mandatory if you would like to be at commencement.

May 15 – Commencement: Seniors need to arrive at 6 pm, which is when the doors open to families as well. For families to get into the event, everyone must have a ticket given to them by a student. If you need more than ten tickets, seniors must go to the office to request more. 

May 15-16 – Senior all-night party: Right after the senior commencement there will be buses taking students to the top-secret venue. Once the party is over, buses will pick up the graduates to bring them back to school by 5:15 am. 


While seniors are almost done with school, they must still abide by the rules. If students do not follow the rules and the law, they could lose the privilege of going to the ceremonies and the all-night party, as well as face potential legal consequences depending on students’ actions. Follow the rules!

Congratulations, seniors! You have finished a long journey and are finally at your destination, about to depart for your next life adventure–whether that be college, the workforce, a trade, or anything else. If you have any advice to share with your underclassmen peers, share in the comments.

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