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A Hiker’s Guide to Sustainable Fashion

As the Hawk Herald’s resident John Muir, I have quite a few opinions on Fair Trade and environmentally friendly brands and companies. I like to make sure that the majority of the clothing I purchase is Fair Trade Certified and either made with something recycled or sustainable sources. It’s kind of shocking how many companies don’t treat their employees or the environment correctly (looking at you, Shein), so I’ve compiled a list of my favorite brands that are doing good for the world and its people!



“Clothing for a positive change.” Prana’s slogan really encapsulates all that the brand stands for, which is proven through the social and environmental activism the company has been partaking in since it first opened in California in 1992. Known for its hiking and surfwear basics, Prana appeals to mountain and ocean lovers alike. While the items can be a bit pricey, there is a large market for Prana clothes on resale sites, with both men and women’s clothing being readily available at cheaper prices than in large stores. I get most of my Prana from REI, and so far all of my clothing has stood up great on the trail!



Named after the actual Patagonia mountain range in Chile and Argentina, Patagonia has been on a mission to support environmental activism through both its profits and production methods. This year was their 50th anniversary, which Patagonia celebrated by promoting new meetups on the West Coast where shoppers can trade in, repair, and buy used Patagonia products. The company has also launched a new program for selling used clothing, which is great for keeping clothes in circulation once an owner is done with them. Next time you’re wearing a Patagonia puffer jacket, know that it’s doing good in the world!


Keep Nature Wild:

The makers of some of the best t-shirts that I’ve ever felt, Keep Nature Wild is a smaller brand than the others on this list. Known for their mountain and hiking-themed stickers and shirts, the company is so much more than that. For every product sold, one pound of trash is picked up by Keep Nature Wild, and they even send bags to be used by consumers for picking up trash. Recently, they hit 1,000,000 pounds of trash picked up through a partnership with hiking trail-finding company, Alltrails!


There are so many other brands that are good for the Earth and are Fair Trade Certified, including Vuori, REI, Title Nine, and Madewell. Overall, just make sure to check the sourcing of certain brands, as well as where they choose to give their money. Happy hiking!


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