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Tips to Study for Exams

Summer is almost here! Now is the time to get all of those assignments that you haven’t done yet and start preparing for those pesky end-of-the-year tests. If you have AP exams, those will come a little earlier than the final assessments. No matter what tests you have, I have a couple of tips so that you can do the best you can on your final exams. 


Tip #1: Don’t overdo the studying. Six hours of studying material can be more harmful than helpful and it will prove to stress you out more. Starting to study earlier and for smaller chunks of time, such as a half hour, will help you remember the material more and not stress out as easily. 


Tip #2: If you can, write things down instead of using online resources to help you study. Humans remember things better when they use their hands rather than typing away on a computer. 


Tip #3: When you study, make sure all distractions are minimized. While it can be fun to look at social media, watch cute cats on Youtube, or talk with your friends, those things are all going to take away from the quality of your study session. The information will not be as present in your mind. Give your future self a gift and study now without any distractions. There will be plenty of time after the exams and outside of studying to be distracted! 


Tip #4: Ask your teacher what you need to do to be successful on the exam. If there is anyone who would know how to study best for the big exam, it would be your teacher. Teachers are there to help you learn and they want you to be successful in taking the test! They will make sure to help you in the best way possible. 


Tip #5: Study all of your material. Even if you have the easy parts down, review them anyway. It’s important not to forget the basics within all of the harder topics to remember. 


Tip #6: Take care of your body. It is important to ensure you sleep well, drink water, and eat enough to meet your needs. Make sure you go to bed the night before your test at a reasonable time, and make sure that you eat a healthy breakfast with lots of protein before the big exam. Try to avoid sugary foods like cereals and pastries to prevent you from bouncing off the walls. 


While the idea of exams may cause anxiety, studying for them properly can help reduce that anxiety and help you do well on your big tests. Use these tips and you may find yourself doing better than on previous last exams! 

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