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“The Door Holder Dude”: A Spotlight on Adrian Martinez

Everybody knows who Adrian Martinez (’26) is, but do really we know who he is? He is appreciated by all and always there for those poor souls who feel as if they aren’t strong enough to open the doors themselves. Adrian is an excellent contributor to the Eastern Crew and Swim teams. If you feel the need to make him a thank-you gift, his favorite candy is Hershey’s and his favorite color is dark blue.


Q: What inspired you to take on the challenge of being “the door dude?”


A: I’m just a nice guy; I don’t need the inspiration to do good things, it just comes from within.


Q: How do you get to every door in just 6 minutes and get to class on time?


A: I move briskly and use my teleportation device.


Q: Is it challenging holding open those ridiculously heavy doors?


A: Practice makes perfect.


Q: How many people say “Thank you”?


A: About 10% – It really depends on the door.


Q: Have you always held the door throughout your academic career?


A: I don’t know. I have no memory of whether or not I have done it in the past.


“He’s seen me through my thick and through my thin, my sad, and my happy. He’s always there holding the door for me,” says Tahirih Ghebre (‘25). “I love him,” freshman Emmet Vetitoe passionately states. Adrian is always there for those who need it. Sophomore Nyla Garvin explains that “Every day he opens the door for me and I’m thankful because my hands are full.” The day just simply isn’t the same without him at Forest Hills Eastern. 

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