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Books from the POV of Animals

Is the human perspective too boring for you? Do you like reading? If so, I have a list of books that you might want to read when you have time. Sometimes reading from the perspective of humans can get repetitive or just be the same thing over and over again. Here is a list of books from the point of view of creatures:

The Art of Racing in the Rain: Told through the perspective of a philosophical golden retriever named Enzo, The Art of Racing in the Rain is the story of him and his owner, Denny, who is a race car driver. Enzo has a dream that his owner will become a racing champion. Not only does Enzo hope that his owner will be a champion, he believes in a legend that if a dog is prepared, the pup will be able to be human in his next life. Enzo’s biggest dream is to be human in his next life. This philosophical dog was brought to life by Garth Stein

Mink River: The story of Mink River takes place in a small, fictional town in Oregon. It is intertwined with mysteries, love affairs, and humor. There is a department of public works, a policeman, and a philosophizing crow. This book is great for those who love small-town stories with big-time plots! The novel is written in a lyrical and musical way that is sure to captivate readers. This book was dreamed up and written by the late writer Brian Doyle. 

The Bees: The Bees is written from the perspective of a lowly and humble sanitation bee, offering a new perspective on society, even as it applies to bees. This is the story of a bee named Flora and how she moves up the social ladder. Flora is different from the rest of the bees and this puts her in danger, but it might be her differences that save her as she rises higher and higher in social status. These buzzing bees were written by Laline Paull.

Hollow Kingdom: This book takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humans, due to their destructive nature, have become undead zombies. This leaves all animals, including domesticated pets, to fend for themselves. The story, written by Kira Jane Buxton, is told from the perspective of a domesticated crow named S.T.

Watership Down: Written by Richard Adams, this book is about the perils that several rabbits endure, the first of which is the destruction of their warren. Now forced out of their home, the displaced rabbits must find a new one. 

Black Beauty: Black Beauty not only offers a unique story due to it being set in Victorian England but the tale is also told from the perspective of a poorly treated horse. In Victorian England, horses were the main source of transportation, and through the experience of moving village people around, Black Beauty learns how humans can be both kind and lethally cruel. Over the years of Black Beauty’s life, the horse experiences many highs and lows. Acclaimed novelist Anna Sewell wrote this book. 

Brilliant White Peaks: This book is written from the perspective of two wolves. A brother and a sister wolf get separated from their parents and must learn how to navigate the vast world in which they live together. As they continue on their journey westward they meet a tribe. This story was written by Canadian author Teng Rong. 

If there are not any books on this list that pique your interest, you can always go to the library or even search the internet for what might tickle your fancy. Reading is an important part of life and you should always read when you have time. Happy reading!

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