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Valentines Day and The Meaning of Flowers

February is here and it’s known as the month of love and romance. Is there someone in particular that you want to get flowers for? That someone does not necessarily have to be a romantic partner. Roses are typically seen as romantic flowers, but there are many different colors besides red, and all those different colors have many different meanings besides the typical ‘I love you’ or ‘will you be mine’ sort of thing. Here is a guide to what you might get for a certain person whether that be a partner, friend, or family member!

Red: This is the standard flower for Valentine’s Day. It represents romance and love. It also has a meaning of beauty and perfection.

Pink: Different shades of this particular color have different meanings. Darker shades typically mean that you have admiration for someone’s refined manner or elegance, whereas lighter and paler shades give a sense of appreciation. 

Orange: Different shades of orange also have many different meanings. Bright orange means life, excitement, and energy. Softer and more pastel oranges mean sincerity and gratitude.

Yellow: This color represents friendship, joy, and gladness. This would be a good flower to give to a best friend on Valentine’s Day. 

Lavender: If you find someone enchanting or alluring, this is the flower that you should get them. This light purple hue means desire or love at first sight.

White: White roses have meaning of purity, grace, innocence, and humility. Due to their popular use at weddings, they have taken on the meaning of new beginnings. 

Some roses can have multiple colors to them. A mix of red and white symbolizes unity. Red and yellow represent happiness. Yellow or orange roses with petals slightly tipped with red mean friendship that is slowly turning into love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

 Featured image courtesy of NiseriN.

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