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The Impact of AI

Artificial intelligence, also known as ai, is a new-ish experimental robot that is supposed to answer questions in a simple, easy-to-understand form. Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, commonly called ChatGPT, is a chatbot launched by OpenAI in November 2022. It can answer questions from what is 2 plus 2 all the way to describing quantum mechanics in a simple paragraph. 

AI is an interesting concept that can help many people but it can also harm humanity if used incorrectly. This innovative program is so smart that there is speculation that this program and other artificial intelligence may be replacing certain human jobs. “There is no reason and no way that a human mind can keep up with an artificial intelligence machine by 2035,” explained Gray Scott. Scott expresses his ideas by saying artificial intelligence will be so smart by 2035 there will be no need for humans in that job. AI will be more advanced, quicker, and most importantly to company owners, ai has no paycheck. 

However, not all jobs can be automated by artificial intelligence. Many jobs that need human-to-human connection such as therapists, marketers, and lawyers can almost guarantee jobs because ai does not have the same communication skills as humans. 

Many major companies such as Amazon and Apple have used artificial intelligence in the past or still use it today. At Amazon, their ai is in the form of a voice-controlled virtual assistant called Alexa. Alexa can play audio, control your smart home, answer questions, and engage your favorite services to keep you organized, informed, safe, connected, and entertained. A small device that comes in similar shapes and sizes and can be communicated up to 2 miles away depending on how loud you speak. Apple uses its ai in a slightly different way. It has many of the same features as Alexa but is integrated into devices like the iPhone, MacBook, iPad, and even Apple Watches. 

This is just the beginning of ai being available to the general public. Have you ever seen an ad for something you were just talking about? Well, this is obviously no coincidence and there has to be some reason. “Our phones use microphones to listen for certain triggers, such as the sound of our voice or a specific word or phrase,” Copeland says, “Once the microphone picks up one of these triggers, it starts recording what we say and sends the recording to a server.” While Apple says it does not listen to users, saying “privacy is a fundamental human right.” However, IT security expert Dave Hatter says if your Siri voice feature is on, it’s listening for the wake-up term. “If you have a smart digital assistant, it has to listen if it’s going to provide help to you,” Hatter states. For the most part, the public does not know exactly what personal information and voice scanners are used to provide better ads and lure in the user more. Either way, most people have encountered a time when an ad popped up after talking about that subject and assumed there isn’t anything to be worried about. People worry more about if their job is at risk to be taken by artificial intelligence. How much further will ai go and how many jobs and opportunities will be taken from humans because of it?

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