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Swirl is almost here!

Swirl is almost here! It is taking place tomorrow, February 25 from 8-10 pm. The theme for this year’s swirl is winter wonderland. Tickets are being sold for $15 on Monday – Friday. Because of the two unexpected snow days this week, tickets sold at the door will also be $15, but the lines will be long, delaying your entrance into the dance.

Is there anyone that you would like to bring to the dance? If that person is from somewhere other than Forest Hills Eastern make sure you pick up a permission slip from the office. The permission slips must be turned in on Friday, February 24 by 3 pm. Those slips need to be signed by your dance partner’s guardian(s) and school principal as well as your guardian(s) signature.

Are you curious about how to ask someone to dance? I have some tips and examples of how you could ask your partner to the dance. 

  1. Poster: A classic would be the poster. You can simply write “Will you go to swirl with me?” or something clever that maybe has a connection to an inside joke or something that you and the person you want to ask have in common. Candy is almost always attached to the poster. Make sure to find out what candy they like, if they are allergic to anything, or if there is a candy that they do not like. 
  2. Letter: Are you too nervous to face the person you want to ask in person? If so, this might be a better option for you. You can write a sweet letter and ask one of your friends to give it to that person or sneakily put it in their backpack to find later.
  3. Flowers: This is a charming way to ask someone to the dance. Roses would be your typical flower but other flowers would be great. There are lilies, daisies, and others. 
  4. Ask directly: Is getting or making something too much or just to cringe for you? If so, asking the person you want to take to the dance would be the best option.

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