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Forest Hills Eastern Theater Presents : Bye Bye Birdie

This year, Forest Hills Eastern is presenting the musical Bye Bye Birdie. Bye Bye Birdie is about the famous young rock singer Conrad Birdie. Conrad was about to record a song with Albert Peterson’s recording studio AlmaeLou until he unexpectedly got picked in the draft. Albert’s girlfriend, Rosie, seeing Albert is about to lose his mind, comes up with an intelligent plan and pushes Albert to go through with the plan. Everything goes smoothly until someone has a bone to pick with Conrad… 


Support your fellow Hawks who are putting in the effort to make the musical happen by getting some tickets. To get tickets, click on this link:


Bye Bye Birdie 


Director: Ms. Hebel 

Assistant Director: Ms. Anys

Vocal Director: Mrs. Blink

Vocal Director: Mr. Boelkins

Choreographer: Mrs. Tyler

Orchestration: Ms. Robinson


Main Cast

Albert Peterson: Quinten Powers (’24)

Rosie Alvarez: Noor Hassan (’25)

Kim MacAfee: Emily Gilbert (’26)

Conrad Birdie: Jonah Howell (’25)

Randolph MacAfee: Jack Meyer (’29)

Harry MacAfee: Trey Butka (’24)

Doris MacAfee: Hope Orban (’24)

Mae Peterson: Malia Ludovico (’23)

Hugo Peabody: Nathaniel Kelso (’24)

Ursula Merkle: Elio Douglas (’24)


Image courtesy of Ms.Hebel.

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