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A Time of Oppurtunites: Course Selection

Hey Hawks! Counselors will kick off the scheduling process for next year starting February 6, this Monday. Current first-year students will be meeting with counselors on February 6, current sophomores on February 7, and upcoming seniors on February 9! During the counselor visits, students will receive information regarding class options, graduation necessities, and other tools to plan their remaining Eastern years to best meet their wants and graduation requirements.

Course preferences will be entered into PowerSchool precisely a week after the initial visit. Students should select classes based on their interests and requirements rather than other factors. The “master” schedule will be built off the selections made. Also, remember that students can only occasionally change their classes after what is initially selected. One way to ensure students receive the course they want is to express their interest in the final round. 

To elaborate, students can change their classes in early August, before the start of the 2023-2024 academic year, as stated on the Eastern counseling website. Counselors will only make changes after the last day of summer if scheduling errors, such as a missing period, must be fixed. Suppose students would like more in-depth details about their future courses. In that case, they can schedule an appointment at the Eastern counseling website with their designated counselor, either Mitch Blink, Lisa McCambridge, or Mollie VanOrsdol. Mr. Blink provides assistance to students with last names starting with  A-I, Ms. McCambridge assists students with letters from J-M, and Ms. VanOrsdol assists students with last names from N-Z.

AP and Honors classes must be dropped before the deadline of May 1, 2023. Otherwise, these courses will remain on the schedule. The deadline also includes any second-semester AP courses. When making selections, remember that the school cannot adjust requests for certain teachers and specific lunches. If you are a student who still needs to fulfill particular graduation requirements, please check the course description for classes that will complete these credits. If you plan to be in an NCAA D1 or D2 sport, please look at courses approved by the NCAA on the counseling website. If there aren’t classes that fit your interests, you can also sign up for an online class. Find more about this at the official EHS counseling website!

To conclude, course selection is a fantastic time to experiment with new things and explore future interests. But, it is also essential to not choose classes based on an external factor rather than what you actually want to take. The vast pool of class selections can help students find themselves. It is vital for students, and they should use the counselor visits to ask questions and learn more! If you want to know more about scheduling or even explore academic resources, please check out the FHE Counseling Office’s website.


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