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Wrestling Can Inspire Us All

Wrestling: the underdog of sports. I walked into the gym unsure of what was to come; was I going to be intrigued? Was I going to feel the rush of excitement like when watching a football game? I felt all of that and more. 

There never was a dull moment from steadfast techniques to pin their opponents to chanting bystanders in the crowd. The sport of wrestling will have fans’ blood boiling and ready to burst from the anticipation of one question: what’s his next move? After having tasted the satisfaction of witnessing a pin in 22 seconds by senior Bryce Madder, I was ready to dig into the athlete’s and coach’s mentalities behind the neverending 6 minutes of battle between two individuals. The goal of each match is to try to get as many points as possible for your team.

The Hawks wrestling team consists of 17 males and one female. Each of them put their all into each practice and work together as a team despite each match being an individual competition. I was lucky enough to interview some of those on the team. Junior Emma Donovan, the only woman on the team, was one of them. I found it intriguing to hear her opinion, as it can’t be easy to be a woman in a male-dominated sport.  She told me that it is the team who has helped her make it through practices and the sport.  

“Wrestling to me is like a gardener growing a fruit or vegetable the more you tend to the needs of the plant, the more rewarding the harvest is in the end,” senior Josiah Thomas explains. The work in a garden is continuous tilling and fertilizing and a lot of watering which to me encaptures the heart and the work ethic of the team. 

Wrestling involves athletes and coaches who dominate whatever comes in front of them. “My love for wrestling stems from being able to see all of the great things it has rooted within me and the team – character, grit, and mental toughness. My athlete’s attitude is most important to me in coaching and me and the other coaches are always talking about the ‘dominate’ mentality,” head coach Brian Maksimowski stated. They fall down and get up and shake it off. They push and push until their goal is checked off the list, but they don’t stop there. They continue to better themselves and their team in both mindset and technique every day. This is what the dominate mindset embodies. Athletes who push themselves as individuals to do more for the team and who grow during every practice and match a little more in attitude and technique. Their mentalities are inspiring, as they continue to reap the fruits of their labor each day. 

We could all learn something from the wrestling team. Setting goals and putting our all into it each day until the goal is achieved. That is a mindset we should all strive to have. Dominate whatever comes in front of you and never fall into the lies our minds so often tell breeding fears of failure into our very being. There is nothing more dangerous than a man or woman with a goal who has the mindset to not let themselves get in the way of grabbing it. You can achieve whatever you put your mind to and are willing to work for. That should inspire us all. Win the day HAWKS!  And while you are busy winning, watch out for Eastern Wresting because this team has goals and the mental toughness to achieve them.  

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