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The Education Exposition

On Wednesday, January 11, our Hawks made the rounds to Upper A, Lower A, B, and D hall to decide one thing: schedules. It seems too early to choose next year’s classes, even daunting. Yet, from APs to first-year courses, there is a sense of importance, another stride towards graduation, whether near or afar. Each grade had the privilege to cultivate wisdom about their future studies and to plan for life after high school. Through Hawk Teams, Take the Lead, or academic showcase, everyone is certain to find an exciting activity or course. Whether it is a requirement or an elective, each class has something unique to offer: rich culture in language, kindness in peer-to-peer, perception in English, analysis in math, experimentation in science, and so on and so forth. 

Each teacher avidly spoke about their curriculum for ten swift minutes, hoping to entice incoming students and capture their interests. The experience varies from grade to grade and individual to individual. Our seniors escorted groups of students to their various subjects, making sure to chime in snippets of insight accumulated from previous years. Plus, practice their leadership and life skills along the way. The juniors await the lightened load of senior year after many hours spent mulling over multiple homework assignments. They are anticipating their applications to colleges and the chance to be the reigning class at Forest Hills Eastern. Sophomores face their junior year with apprehension and optimism, amazed at the plethora of courses available to them. They are preparing for the rigorous year to come and are entirely capable of meeting every challenge. Not least but last are the new additions to the FHE family, the freshmen. Entering the world of high school might seem intimidating, but everything is an adventure once here. The freshmen will forge friendships, write essays, construct projects, and raise student-section voices. 

Many seniors will comment, “It goes by so fast; enjoy every minute of it.” So cherish the good memories, and don’t be afraid to make new ones. After about eight rotations, the Hawks returned to their standard schedules, more enlightened and thrilled than before. If any Hawk needs help deciding their path, ask an upperclassman who has taken the course or a teacher currently teaching the class. Forest Hills Eastern is the only school, to my knowledge, that puts in the effort to inform its students about the ins and outs of the academic and social world. The weekly Hawk Teams, which this replaced, create a sense of community and inclusion for our Hawks, unique to Eastern. Take the Lead invests time into guiding our Hawks toward future career choices, and this class rotation advises students on available courses. What excellent experiences for our Hawks to enjoy, courtesy of our teaching staff, Mrs. Morley, and Ms. Deckrow. Please be sure to thank everyone who makes it possible for our students to grow and thrive! 

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