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How to Pass Your Drivers Test

The driver’s test. Every aspiring new driver’s worst nightmare. I’m here to give pointers to help new drivers pass the driver’s test on their first try. As a person who just passed the test, the main thing you should focus on is practice. Make sure when you are driving with your parents do it right. When I first got my permit, I didn’t take driving seriously. I sped, drove on the wrong side of the road, and didn’t bother to learn the rules of the road. When my mom told me I was taking my test in 2 weeks, I realized I needed to crack down on the rules and make sure to pay attention. For driving, practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. 

Since I took my test quite recently, I am here to give upcoming drivers some tips and tricks to pass the driver’s test. One tip is to go to Central High School and use the cones provided by Jungle Driving School to practice your parking skills. Remember, you cannot take the driving section if you don’t pass the parking section, and the cones at FHC are an exact replica of the parking section of the test. Tip #2 is to pay attention and make sure you know what is going on around you while driving. Keep your eyes peeled for cars, people, traffic lights, and anything out of the ordinary. When I was driving, there was a truck that kept its signal on, and that messed me up a little so I decided to point it out to my test taker. Anything that messed me up or was out of the ordinary I made sure to point out so I couldn’t get deducted points. The final and most important tip is to relax. The instructors have seen 1000s of drivers, so the odds of you being the worst are slim. Just keep in mind I passed my driver’s test. I went into the test with the mindset that I wouldn’t pass because I am not the best driver. 

Before the driver’s test, you need to check your car. Make sure you have this list of things working well: brake lights, headlights, taillights, turn signals, brakes, muffler, car horn, speedometer, heater, defroster, suspension components, windshield wipers, and washer fluid. Your vehicle must also follow these requirements: you must be able to see the road through your windshield, tires shouldn’t be damaged and must be inflated properly, you must be able to open all doors from both the outside and inside of the vehicle, fuel level should be high enough to complete the road test, you should have all your lug nuts—no more than one can be missing, your rearview and side left mirror should be working, there must be enough seats, and seat belts for all passengers. On the test day you need to bring your Michigan Level 1 license (you must have had it for at least six months), your Segment 2 Driver’s Education completion certificate, you must have 50 hours (including 10 night hours) of supervised driving logged and verified (show your road ready app to the tester), proof of your social security number, two documents of Michigan residency, and your Driving Skills Test Certificate. If you don’t have one of these things then you will not be able to hit the road, 

I took my driver’s test in Hastings, a middle-of-nowhere farm town at The reason I took my test so far away was that I didn’t have to drive on the interstate. They did ask questions about the interstate though. The questions were: “What is the speed you go on the interstate,” and “How do you merge on and off the interstate.” Another question they ask is “what do you do to avoid a head-on collision when a car is coming straight at you.” They also ask you to turn on the air conditioning and the radio. Another thing to remember is when the driver’s instructor says to turn left go left not right. I made that mistake and somehow still passed. YOU GOT THIS!  

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