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Hitting The Slopes!

The Forest Hills Northern-Eastern (FHNE) Ski Team is very excited about the upcoming racing season. Ski racing is a sport in which people race down a snowy hill on skis at high speeds. To add some complexity to the sport, gates are added to the course. Gates are plastic poles that racers have to go around while trying to remain speeding down the hill. There are two different types of racing: Slalom and Giant Slalom (GS). Slalom focuses on quick movements and the gates are closer together. GS has the gates farther apart and focuses on going as fast as possible.

Joining the ski team allows you to be a part of a community, the ability to ski almost every day, and you get a nice winter coat! There is also the opportunity to travel to Austria if you are a part of the varsity team each year.  In order to be the best they can be, the FHNE ski team goes up north to Shush to ski every Sunday. 

Members of the ski team are excited to start skiing whether they have raced before or not. Sophomore Katie McManus says, “I’m excited for my first year of [being on] the ski to year.” As a new member of the ski team, Katie has never competitively skied before but is excited for the snow to come. Senior Jude Hoogterp is hyped for his fourth and final on the ski team. “I am absolutely thrilled that the ski team is finally starting up again. I have been looking forward to hitting the slopes and competing with my teammates for months, and I can’t wait to see what this season has in store for us. I know that with hard work and determination, we will be able to achieve great things on the mountain this year. Here’s to a successful and exciting season of skiing!” Jude explains. Even if you don’t know how to ski, that doesn’t mean you can’t join the team! Joining the ski team with no experience will still give you access to the best coaches to teach you. You will surely be a professional racer by the end of the year. Last season, the team managed to advance to the state championship competition and is hoping to repeat that success this season.

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