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Dogs of FHE

Pets are an essential part of most people’s lives. Dogs in particular tend to be the most popular pet because of their devotion to their owners and their loveable spirit. Many students of Eastern have dogs of their own, each having their own distinct personality and quirks. 

Sophomore Audry Zawaki has a dog named Charlie. Charlie is a small dog that has black and white splotches. They aren’t sure what her breed is though. Charlie has a very high-pitched bark, which she likes to use whenever someone walks through the door. Charlie has a sweet and sour side. She has an attitude and when she is done being held she will not hesitate to let you know. Tragedy struck over winter break when the Zawkis packed up to go home after a nice break in Florida. Charlie’s leg got caught on her leash and she fell out of the car breaking her leg on New Year’s Eve. Everyone was scared she wasn’t going to make it. Thankfully she survived with only a broken leg. Although it was very scary, Charlie looks great in her cast. 

Melat Perburg (‘24) has two dogs: King Charles Spaniel named Holly and Pipia. Holly is 3 years old and loves to play. She is super friendly and loves everyone. Her favorite toy is a camel that the Perburg family got for her last night. Holly hates the rain but loves the snow.  “My favorite moments with holly are when she makes ugly faces and I take pictures because she looks so funny,” Melat explains. Melat also wants to remind everyone that if you let your dog eat chocolate, as it will result in death.  Melat’s other dog, Pipia, doesn’t like Melat, so Melat doesn’t like her. Melat said she did know or care what breed Pipa was.

Sophomore Zhana Sprague has two dogs: A Springer Spaniel named Luca and a Pitbull mix named Willie. Luca is two and a half years old and loves being outside and getting dirty. Luca likes to play with her monkey, who is always dressed in a Christmas outfit. Zhana says she likes that “[Luca’s] energetic and does the cutest cry when she’s excited to see you.” Zhana’s other dog Willie is three years old and loves to go on walks. Willies favorite toy is a kong with ropes, which he consumes, causing him to throw up. Zhana’s favorite thing about willie is the funny faces he makes while he’s running. 

Adalee Kaiton (‘25) has a Chihuahua Dachshund mix, otherwise known as a Chiweenie named Carrot. “Carrot’s original name was supposed to be Karat (like the gold) but we didn’t know that until she was dropped off at our house and we had a bunch of pictures of carrots on the walls to welcome her. The person was perplexed and asked why there were a bunch of pictures of carrots on the wall and explained that carrot’s name is supposed to be Karat. Then we changed her name to Carrot,” Adalee explained how Carrot got her name. Adalee doesn’t particularly like her dog, saying “She spends her day barking at literally nothing, scratching at my bedroom door to come in, and laying at the foot of my bed.” According to Adalee, “She’s really annoying because she eats my goldfish (that Adalee leaves out at a place easy for Carrot to reach).” Carrot loves laying in the sun but is not into other dogs. Carrot’s favorite activities include sleeping and baking 

Sophomore Bethany Narducci has a dog named Sugar Jovial Narducci, who is a 7-year-old Bichon Frise. However, they are not 100% of the breed, as Sugar is a rescue dog. Sugar’s favorite toy is a stuffed fox named Foofy. According to Bethany, Sugar likes “Going on walks, but then quit them halfway through; lay on your shoulder; run rapidly around on the couch.” Sugar doesn’t currently live with the Narduccis because when they moved to Michigan they couldn’t fit her, so Bethany hasn’t seen Sugar in a very long time. 

Onalee Stehouwer (‘25) has had her pug Puggy since she was in kindergarten. Unfortunately, Puggy was kidnapped, actually dognapped, by her grandmother.  Onalee’s family was going on vacation and gave her grandma Puggy to watch while they were gone.  Puggy ended up liking her grandmother’s house a lot more than Onalees’s house, so she stayed there. She was spoiled there and she took a lot of naps. Onalee gets to see Puggy whenever she visited her grandmother’s house. Puggy lived a good, lazy, life, but she passed away about 2 years ago.

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