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How to Dress Correctly for Winter

With the fall season quickly fading away, some people are unsure of how to appropriately dress for the everchanging weather. I would personally recommend going to your local thrift store or grandparents’ house and finding the best sweater possible, preferably with an animal or something that makes noise. I have seen some people wearing shorts to school, and they need to be reminded that just because the sun is out does not mean it is necessarily warm outside. This weekend’s forecast for west Michigan shows snow coming our way, so be sure to find those snow pants in the attic or basement. You might not think you need them because there will be a very small amount of snow, but remember you can still get wet because snow is just frozen water and you don’t want wet pants during school. If you want to show your fellow classmates you stand out I would recommend wearing your winter coat and boots to every class, regardless of how warm the building may be.  

If you or one of your friends is having trouble with what is appropriate to wear, ask the most fashionable person you know. I am the most fashionable person I know so I will ask the second most fashionable person I know (they weren’t available so I had to ask someone else). Melat Perberg (’24) says, “First you put on leggings, then the pants you’re going to wear that day, then a thin athletic shirt on underneath your outfit. Then gloves – preferably mittens, earmuffs, or a hat if you wanna be like that. Also, don’t forget hand warmers.” Maddie Verplank (’23) advises that “everyone should wear boots – preferably bogs, jeans, a cropped coat, and earmuffs with matching gloves.”

If you ever find yourself unsure of what to wear, feel free to look back and reference this article for some phenomenal winter fashion advice.

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